The Benefits of CBD for Those With High Blood Pressure

CBD for High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is prevalent in about a third of the adult population. It kills many people each day. A fifth of the patients do not know that they have a high blood pressure. In most cases, hypertension will have built gradually over time. In such a case, the symptoms would not be noticeable, or the person would simply think nothing of the symptoms they have.Hypertension graphic This is why high blood pressure is such an effective slow killer of people. It is one of the leading causes of early death. It is also a major risk factor for cardiovascular issues.

High blood pressure has two aspects to it, the first being the amount of blood being pumped through the arteries, and the second is the amount of vessel restriction. A high blood pressure can be caused by a combination of a high amount of blood being pumped and narrow vessels.

There are different ways to categorize high blood pressure. Primary essential hypertension is the kind that develops gradually. Secondary hypertension is usually caused by an underlying condition like a chronic illness. This second type is usually higher than primary and attacks suddenly.

High Blood Pressure can also be pre-hypertension, stage 1 or stage 2. Pre-hypertension is a serious and sure sign that hypertension is on the horizon. This means that the person will have a constant systolic blood pressure of between 120 and 130.

Stage 1 is characterized by a systolic pressure of between 130 and 139 mm Hg and diastolic pressure of 80-89 mm Hg. Stage 2 is an exacerbation with a systolic pressure of 140 mm Hg or higher and a diastolic pressure of 90 mm Hg or higher. Once stage 2 is reached, it is touch and go and life threatening.

Therefore, medical help should be sought at stage 1 so that stage 2 can be avoided.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure


The most common symptom of high blood pressure is a headache, a nagging headache that just will not go away by conventional pain meds. One may also experience shortness of breath, dizziness, blurred vision and nose bleeds.

These symptoms are quite mild especially in primary hypertension. When one does experience, they will brush it off and assume they are thirsty or just tired. If not properly treated, a high blood pressure could bring on a host of cardiac problems like aneurysms, heart failure, and stroke.

You may also develop weakened vessels and metabolic syndrome. In some extreme cases, dementia and memory lapse have been noted.

Risk Factors of High Blood Pressure

One of the most common reasons for developing a high blood pressure is weight. Being overweight and topping that off with inactivity puts you at a high risk for developing narrow vessels thus a high resistance to blood flow. Others are family history and age.

Many people over the age of 65 have a high blood pressure. At this point, it is no longer passive and will require a prescription to keep under management. Diet is another issue especially in this age of canned everything. High sodium diets are driving even very young people down the hypertension hole. To worsen things, stress.

Fast paced lives and daily anxieties will accelerate that hypertension death very quickly. Smoking and high alcohol indulgence have also been linked to high blood pressure. Most of these risk factors are aimed at the young people, people who are venturing out on their own for the first time right out of college.

This is worrying thus the need for a natural and effective remedy for high blood pressure.

CBD for Vasorelaxation

9 healthy male volunteers were involved in a study to look into the viability of CBD as a remedy for high blood pressure. They were administered with 600mg of CBD or placebo. Measures were put in place to monitor cardio markers.

The CBD group had a reduced systolic and stroke volume. A good cardiac output was also maintained. The gist of this is that CBD positively affected the resting blood pressure with a single dosage.

CBD for Vasorelaxation

Studies have shown that CBD widens the blood vessels to increase circulation and even works to decrease damage to arterial walls.

Another study was conducted on laboratory mice. It was found that CBD induced vasodilation of the mesenteric arteries. CBD works with specific receptors to achieve this effect. Anandamide is another avenue through which vasodilation is effected.

The element produces dose dependent decrease in high blood pressure by reducing vascular resistance.

The study found that CBD by working on anandamide production increased both portal venous flow and pressure. A 2001 research review concluded that to achieve blood vessel wall homeostasis in a hypertensive environment, release of vasorelaxants is activated.

Vasorelaxants are metabolites of arachidonic acids one of which is endocannabinoids.

CBD Action of Risk Factors

While things like family history and age cannot be helped, CBD can be used to ensure that high blood pressure is not a part of those inevitabilities. Weight on the other hand is completely all about personal choice.

CBD is effective in the weight loss journey. It helps quicken the metabolism and will also work to ensure that appetite is low. This is achieved by inducing anxiety with a small amount of food. It also helps one get in the right frame of mind for exercise. So that takes care of two risk factors at once.

Stress is another inevitability especially in this world we live in today. There is just so much right from the moment one wakes up to the time they retire, things that will constantly bug you.

You can let them bug you but do not let them get a point where they have an adverse effect on your health. CBD helps one manage stress. You are able to better tolerate those little nags all through the day.

This way, despite living in a stressful world like the rest of us, you are all good mentally. Other risk factors are smoking and alcohol. These are both dependencies that can be manipulated by addressing the required pathways. CBD can do that. It can manipulate these pathways so that quitting alcohol and cigarettes is made easier.

Blood Pressure Meds

Blood Pressure Meds

There are 11 different classifications of blood pressure medications, some include ACE inhibitors, Beta Blockers and diuretics.

Each type of medication carries its own set of side effects. Beta blockers for example are meant to lower the heart rate and reduce blood volume.

They are also known to cause depression, insomnia and erectile dysfunction. Diuretics eliminate water retention caused by a high sodium diet. These will bring about dehydration because they induce frequent urination. They may also cause muscle cramps and fatigue.

These drugs are actually effective but there is need for a remedy that will abate the side effects.

CBD will help you sleep better, it will also solve the depression issue by triggering release of the bliss molecule. CBD has also been found to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. CBD will cause a body wide relaxation of muscles.

Also with use of CBD, one may adjust down the prescription. After a while, most people report not needing their prescription medicines at all. They also report a healthy blood pressure because the most of the causes are taken care of.

CBD is a natural blood pressure remedy. It does not come with the gross side effects outlined above. One may use it as an adjunctive or on its own. The dosage required is not high at all either, only an acute dosage. These steps should however not be taken without direction from a physician.


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