How to Get Rid of Your Stress with CBD

CBD for Stress

In this day and age, it can be difficult for you to live a stress free life. There is always something threatening to cause you to burst at the seams.

It could be work, life partner, or even just health issues. Here is an interesting bit, sometimes your stress is dependent on your perception of the situation.

For example, you come across a non-poisonous snake. You do not know how to classify that snake and therefore, you develop stress form fear of being bitten by said snake. In reality, this snake is more scared than you are.

The other factor that doubles the amount of your stress is negativity. Fear of things that might or might not happen. Your boss sends you an email wanting to meet up at five. You walk around all day a bundle of nerves because you are afraid five o’clock will be your ‘fire’ o’clock.

Your meeting could be a kudos session but you do not think about that because you have wired yourself to go straight to the worst scenario.

Biological Process

Stress is your body’s response to demand or threat. Once you perceive a stimulus as a threat the fight or flight response begins immediately. Your amygdale communicates with your hippocampus and stress hormones are produced.


Muscles tighten, heart beats faster, blood pressure increases, breathing quickens, and senses become sharper. This is all in an attempt to prepare for defense against perceived threat.

These happen very fast. It is a well-oiled machine that sets motion even before your brain fully grasps the situation. It is based on the first impression.

If one of the two situations mentioned above is true, all this preparedness is for nothing. Then the negative effects set in. There is nothing to fight or fly from.

If this process is set in motion too many times, you can become chronically stressed. Cognitive and physical functions are affected. your memory dwindles and attention span decreases.

Depression, anxiety, and moodiness set in then your aches and nausea. In most cases, loss of sex drive also shows up.

It is then that signs like too much or too little sleep are experienced. Nervous habits like nail biting or OCD set in.

Some people go the substance use direction with alcohol and even hard drugs. Eventually, if not treated death is the end. With that, the importance of stress management is apparent.

Role of Natural Cannabinoids

Research at Vanderbilt University of Medicine provided proof of the role of endocannabinoid 2-AG in stress resilience. A study showed that 2-AG deficient mice had lower stress resistance.

It was concluded that deficiencies in natural cannabinoids leaves the subject open to stress based conditions like PTSD and depression. Boosting the endocannabinoid system is therefore a viable avenue for stress management and treatment for said conditions.

Your Relaxation Response

To effectively manage stress, you need to work on the relaxation response. This is a technique that allows production of the necessary chemicals and brain signals that slow down your brain and increase blood flow.

The same process also loosens up your muscles and organs. One such chemical is dopamine. CBD works with you adenosine receptor to regulate production of dopamine. CBD also effectively activates your serotonin receptor to regulate defensive responses to stressful stimuli.

Inhibit Fight or Flight

A study had stress-induced mice. The aim was to have presence of cortisol, high heart rate, high blood pressure and other stress responses. After two weeks of the same, the mice developed chronic stress.

Only then was CBD administered. Within two hours, there was significant change in the symptoms. The mice had considerably increased in cognitive and physical function.

Action of CBD on Stress-Caused High BP

The International Cannabinoid Research Society symposium, which is a benefit to bring to light the many benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids, tables a paper on CBD and blood pressure in Montreal.

Nine healthy volunteers were administered with CBD. Within no time, the resting blood pressure reduced. The volunteers were also at a lower risk of suffering a high blood pressure due to erratic heart rate.

It was concluded that CBD was instrumental in curbing the stress response. The required high blood pressure and cardiac output were rendered inapplicable.

Reduce Risk of Stress-Caused Heart Attack

The amygdala is the part of your brain where the stress response process starts. An overactive amygdala is the cause of chronic stress.

It was also linked to artery inflammation and thus the heightened risk of heart attack. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory.

In addition to reducing your body and inhibiting the unnecessary amygdale action, it will reduce your risk of heart attack by a significant degree.

CBD to Reverse the Physical Effects of Early Aging

Your stress hormone, cortisol is fatal to skin health. Stress also causes your aging process to speed up.

The result is sick and unhealthy skin. Once the root of the problem has been taken care of, you will want your once beautiful skin back. Stress management will do part of the work but there is need to move it along.

Your skin is riddled with endocannabinoid receptors on different levels. Studies have shown that the ECS is paramount to the maintenance of healthy skin.

According to biochemical studies, CBD has anti-desiccation properties that work to restore your dermal structure and repair functions so that the skin stops disintegrating.

CBD to Repair Stress-Damaged Immune System

Stress can put a major dent on your immune system. Overproduction of adrenaline may cause ulcers. Being stressed basically leaves your body open to disease and opportunistic infections.

CBD works with your PPAR gamma receptors. These receptors increase production of immunosuppressant proteins. This is how CBD repairs your damaged immune system, making it stronger after a long period of weakness.

Use of CBD: Dosage and Products

The dosage of CBD is still under review and some instructions say as high as 60mg. Packaging for supplements directs 20-25mg. You should start with the lowest possible dosage then adjust upwards until you hit a level that you feel works best for yourself.

An important point to remember is that, CBD does not take away your stressor. It only arms you with a better arsenal to deal with the stressor. Instead of overreacting, you can approach situations with a clear and calm mind.

1) CBD DropsWellicy CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

These can be either oil or tincture. Tincture is considered the purest form of CBD. However, oil works just as well.

These drops are convenient to carry around for use right before stressful situations. This may be before a public speaking engagement or visit to your dentist.

You should ensure to take the dosage early enough so that time is left for absorption into your body. It does not have to be too early.

The sublingual method for example, takes effect after about twenty minutes. If you put the drops in a beverage, it will take longer to take effect. However, your effect will last much longer.

2) Capsules

The packaging on this product comes with specific instructions. You are directed to take the pills, say twice a day. This is perfect for people who work or operate in high stress environments like war zones.

You do not have to wait until your stressor occurs, you know it will be a stressful day dodging bullets and carrying the weight of your country’s safety on your shoulders.

This product is also great for people who suffer stress-linked conditions like anxiety or PTSD. People who typically overreact to stimuli due to negativity or miss-perception of situations. This is typical of people who have suffered childhood or past traumas.

The consistency of the dosage accustoms your mind to approaching situations with an open mind. You learn over time not to be overly critical or negative.

3) E-LiquidCannaBlast CBD Vape Juice

Vaping is all the rage now. People are choosing the e-cig way to replace traditional smoking. It is said to carry less risk than the traditional cigarette.

The CBD train has not left behind the vaping community. There are CBD e-juices. They come in a variety of quirky flavors. If you are a vaper then why not kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy your habit while absorbing the benefits of CBD

4) Topical

When you are stressed, you will sleep either too much or too little. This will definitely cause a headache. In some cases, a backache will develop too.

You need a way to deal with these pains that does not leave you dependent on narcotics. CBD topical will provide localized relief on your affected area. It will even help that sore wrist. You know the one you hurt when you had an outburst?

5) Edibles

Some people stress eat. They will munch on anything and everything from cookies to bread to leftovers. They will clear out everything on their path.

CBD is great at suppressing such appetites by first dealing with your stress and affecting a feeling of satiety so that you stop eating long enough to deal with your problem.

Long gone are the days when pot edibles tasted too earthy to enjoy. There are some very good and delicious CBD recipes now. It is paired with other natural herbs to make for great and memorable meals.

Handle it Better

Stress is a deterrent to progress. It will affect your social relationships and come between family members. When that is done, it will come into your work place and muck things up.

The result of this is a loss of an economic unit for the country. The damage chronic stress leaves in its wake is too much to comprehend.

It is time people recognized chronic stress for what it is. There is a difference between a little agitation by the boss and chronic stress. Deal with it.


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