The Outstanding Benefits of CBD for Weight Loss

How to Use CBD for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a struggle. It always seems that the harder your try to quit eating unhealthy and work out, the more cravings you develop for junk food and other ‘devil’ foods.

The harder you try to quit sugar and starch, the more appealing they become. The next time you are biting on that doughnut, remember that it will trigger secretion of insulin.

Insulin is the single biggest fat storage hormone. The last thing you want to be doing is store fat, you want to expend it. One requires stone hard determination and strength to stand against the tyranny of these foods.

For you to be successful at weight loss, you have to embark on a diet that reduces appetite. One that achieves results without subjecting you to hunger. You have to aim at increasing your basal metabolic rate.

Metabolism is the biological process by which food is turned into energy. Usually, your body will adjust the rate of metabolization to suit the needs of your body.

However, sometimes you will need to give it a little boost. This is especially important when your metabolism is not fast enough.


The metabolic rate can be increased by eating more and more proteins, exercise, and caffeine. Mother Nature also provides a little help in this respect, as cannabidiol (CBD) is useful in the metabolic rate aspect of weight loss.

Let’s find out how you can use CBD for weight loss, so you can finally achieve your health and fitness goals!

How CBD Effects Your Metabolism

How CBD Effects Metabolism

In 2016, some Koreans conducted a research study on the effects of CBD on immature fat cells. They found that it was able to effect browning in three ways. Browning is the process by which energy storing white fat is turned into brown energy expending fat. The brown fat is instrumental in weight loss, prevention of heart disease and other health benefits.

CBD stimulates proteins and genes that enhance the breakdown and oxidation of fat. It also stimulates mitochondrial activity thus burning of calories.

The final way is reduction in fat cell generation, CBD through the endocannabinoid receptors can metabolize compounds absorbed from food.

The endocannabinoid system and CBD have a lock and key relationship. It has been found that the endocannabinoid system is directly connected to some metabolic functions and can therefore direct production of insulin.

CBD when paired with exercise in the cold will work even better and faster, as exercising in the cold makes your body work harder to generate heat.

This approach to weight loss is more aggressive, but it’s also based on scientific evidence as opposed to articles from lifestyle magazines.

Combat Weight Gain Due to Anxiety

CBD Reduces Anxiety Related Weight Gain

Anxiety is a huge contributor to weight gain. The most common way is increased eating, since food triggers the production of endorphins, which work to improve the mood.

You may ofter eat more just to feel better. The worst thing is that, you will not even notice you are eating more. But in fact, you are actually using food as a coping tool for increased levels of anxiety and stress.

Anxiety also causes production of cortisol, the stress hormone that causes fat to build up around your mid section.

The result is a rounder body and the blues.

Due to these two, you will feel discouraged to get out into the world. You may even lock yourself up in the house more and sleep more frequently.

The bottom line, you will remain inactive for long lengths at a time.

Inactivity means your body needs less energy therefore your metabolism will slow down, resulting in fewer burnt calories and even more weight gain.

Weight gain will cause anxiety and anxiety will cause weight gain. So as you can probably guess by now, the treatment of one will significantly reduce the other.

So it’s vital that you not only increase your activity levels but you are also taking care of your mental health at the same time!

Anandamide is an endocannabinoid that effects your feel good state, once it’s triggered, you will feel relaxed and at ease.

The fatty acid Amide Hydrolase enzyme works hard to inhibit it, but CBD does an excellent job of impeding its effects on anandamide.

Serotonin is another feel good hormone, the 5HT1-A receptor is partially triggered by CBD. When I say partial, this does not mean that there is no effect. Although it may be only partial, it is just enough to produce anti-anxiety effects.

The hypothalamus affects appetite, while Ghrelin is the hormone that is responsible for hunger and increased appetite.

Leptin communicates satiety (being full), and Ghrelin is activated by the endocannabinoid CB1 receptor. CBD is a great impudent to the CB1 receptor, CBD also stimulates leptin.

Therefore, by decreasing hunger and appetite while increasing feelings of satiety, the result is less food cravings. In the end, you will have eaten a lot less than you usually would.

With this knowledge, the 20% of the population that has trouble with anxiety can rest easy and keep their weight at an optimum level.

Best CBD Products for Weight Loss

The Best CBD Products for Weight Loss

When you decide to use CBD products for weight loss, it’s important to keep a few things in mind!

The dosage to begin with must be paid specific attention to, the packaging will usually hold directions for use and the dosage.

If you consume high amounts of CBD, you might suffer from metabolic dysfunction. This condition causes the contrary effects, rather than suppressing your appetite and aid weight loss. You may notice that CBD stimulates your appetite and food cravings. But with typical doses of cannabidiol, this effect is unlikely.

In regards to CBD dosage, you should always begin with small doses and adjust upwards as desired until you begin to experience the desired effects.

A beginner should be especially careful not to over indulge, your should begin with the smallest dose possible.

It is better to have small doses spread throughout the day than have one big one once a day, however, this can vary from person to person.

You should maintain a specific dosage for a few days so that you can check for effects or lack thereof. If there is no effect, an increase is in order. If there are adverse effects, you should scale down the dosage.

Choosing a CBD product(s) should be determined by several factors; the convenience, preference, and cost are most important when picking a cannabidiol product to aid weight loss.

Capsules and pills for example are very convenient to carry unless one is passing through the airport, as the pills might be seized.

Some people will find vaping is more up their alley, while others will prefer the edibles or tincture. Cost is another important factor that can vary among CBD products.

Some edibles will cost more than others will, depending on the brand and complexity of the extraction and production process.

Availability will also be a factor since some states may have access to the capsules but not other CBD products, it boils down to geography.

But if you purchase from an online retailer like Wellicy, you will have access to a wide array of product categories without any restrictions!

Let’s look into the varying categories of CBD products so you can find the one that’s best for you!

CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles

It might seem crazy to suggest eating as a way to keep from eating, but it’s not that crazy when the suggestion is a CBD infused snack.

These either can be homemade or store bought. Store bought CBD edibles vary in price, since the price mainly depends on the complexity of the production process and level of CBD concentration.

For example, vegan CBD snacks may attract a higher price than regular CBD cookies. You should also be very careful about buying CBD edibles online, and make sure that you are dealing with only reputable companies with a proven track record of providing quality products.

The homemade option is much more versatile, since you can pretty much infuse CBD into virtually anything!

Imagine not overindulging on your cheat day?

You get to eat your cheat meal but you only eat a little bit of it, you do not keep going back for refills or a scoop.

You will find that you are snacking less and less all because of CBD. You can even pair it with other herbs and spices that are known to aid weight loss for an enhanced effect.

The other great thing about homemade CBD edibles is that there is always room for adjustment of dosage. If the edible does not have the desired effect, you can simply adjust the amount of CBD for the next batch.

Vaping CBD E-Liquid

CBD Vape Juice

This is a quick acting and highly effective way to deliver CBD into your system. The CBD is delivered straight into your body without going through the digestive system. Which is good because the digestive system reduces bioavailability, meaning you absorb lower amounts of cannabidiol.

Vaping is the use of electronic cigarettes to heat a vape liquid (e-liquid) then inhaling the vapor. Reports have said that it is way less harmful than traditional smoking.

If you are already a vaper, why not hit two birds with one stone? Enjoy vaping and affect your stubborn weight at the same time with CBD e-liquid!

You can also easily make your own CBD infused vape juice at home!

If you are a stranger to vaping, then you should definitely do some due diligence first before indulging. What I mean is you should research the risks and dangers and compare them with whatever benefits there may be.

It is important to note that vaping is by no way a superior method of CBD consumption, you may find that other products work just as good or even better. Simply put, always do you research!

Cannabidiol Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

CBD oil can be extracted from the stalks and seeds of hemp or marijuana. Due to the low concentration of CBD in industrial hemp, larger amounts are required to produce high levels of concentration.

Cannabis extracted CBD can provide higher levels of concentrations with smaller amounts of plant matter, but this isn’t an option if you live in a state without recreational or medical marijuana.

CBD oil is a product that can be used in a variety of ways to serve different functions for you.

For weight loss, it is best that you infuse it in your beverages and meals. Caffeine may have some effect on metabolism. With a drop of CBD oil, the assumption becomes a definite proposition.

The directions of use and dosage must be followed carefully and to the letter. You should not go above the limit or change the dosage haphazardly, an adjustment in dosage must be done only upon careful consideration.

CBD Tinctures

CBDFx CBD Hemp + MCT Oil Tincture

This is a little different from the oil, however, CBD tinctures can be used in the same way as CBD oil. Tinctures can also be used sublingually.

This is where a drop is put under your tongue then left to sit for 30 to 60 seconds. There are capillaries (sublingual glands) under your tongue that will deliver the CBD straight into the blood stream. By mealtime, you just will not be that hungry.

Tinctures can be made at home using essential oils or some alcohol. This is quite durable and you can make a bit of it to last a while.

You should not attempt to make a CBD tincture at home if you are a CBD newbie. To start, it is best to buy an already prepared tincture, which will come with dosage instructions and a dropper with calibration.

CBD Infused Pills and Capsules

Fuel CBD Capsules by Alpine Hemp

These are very convenient if you frequently travel or if you live an active and on the go lifestyle. You can simply pop a CBD capsule or pill on the way to a party or an event where they will serve a buffet. Once you get there, you will only serve yourself enough to feel full and not an embarrassing mountain of food.

We’ve all been there 😉

Over indulging on this category of CBD product is almost impossible. As there is no calibration to misread or calculations to work through.

Each pill or capsule has a definite amount of CBD, and the package will direct you on how many capsules to take every day and how many times.

When you decide to adjust your dosage, you will know exactly by how much you have adjusted. There is literally no guesswork left up to you, which is why many people opt for these type of cannabidiol infused products.

Go The Natural Way For Weight Loss With CBD

There are many diet pills on the market making big promises but often times they never work or hold up to their claims. You need a solution that will not leave you with complications that will wait to be seen years later. CBD is backed by science and proof beyond doubt that it is a viable aid in weight loss.

Have you used CBD to help aid in your journey to weight loss? We’d love to hear about your experiences and the types of products you used that were effective in helping you lose weight in the comments section below!


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