What Will CBD Do For Your Anxiety Disorder?

CBD for Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety can be a disorder or a temporary condition. It is normal to feel anxious on the eve of a public appearance or before walking into a meeting that could lead to big things. The temporary condition can be made better by performing breathing exercises, a jog or even squeezing a stress ball. This is nothing to worry about.

The problem comes in when anxiety symptoms surface and stay for days or weeks before and after the event. This is worrying. This is known as an anxiety disorder and it will be disruptive to your normal life. You should differentiate between the disorder and nerves.

Let’s look into the varying types of anxiety disorders that CBD can be used to treat!

Unable to Calm Down

If you are unable to sleep or calm down, it is a sign that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. The night will seem long where your mind will be riddled with thoughts about irrational fears.

The result will be an irritable person throughout the day and constant fatigue. Due to lack of sleep and the stress, you will experience muscle tension. The shoulders and other muscles will knot up and even be painful to some extent.

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety


This is caused by the irrational fear of judgment, such as you feeling like a nervous wreck before attending a chill social event. There will not be public speaking involved, just a bit of mingling.

However, despite the no-pressure situation you will still feel pressured. During the event you will experience profuse sweating, some nausea, and even blushing.

After the fact, you will think about every interaction and comb it for signs of judgment or disapproval. This form of anxiety disorder makes it very difficult to form and maintain bonds.

Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks

These are sudden bursts of fear characterized by heavy or restrained breathing, racing heart, chest, and stomach tightness among other symptoms. Panic attacks can last for a few minutes and are usually triggered by a thought or upcoming event. Stressful situations can also lead to panic attacks.

An attack could be a symptom of an anxiety disorder or it could be what’s known as panic disorder. These two share some symptoms but are two distinct mental disorders. Getting diagnosed correctly is the first step to wellness.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This form of anxiety is brought on by a traumatic event, and it’s characterized by flashbacks of the traumatic event. You might have outbursts of anger or nightmares. This disorder might bring on drug abuse as a form of coping. Thus, diagnosis and treatment are paramount for your well-being.

Obsessive Behavior (OCD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Perfectionism and rituals are the obvious signs for this form of anxiety. You will be unable to function until you have performed a certain ritual.

You also have to make sure things are in perfect order, such as the inability to eat a salad until you have completely separated them by color.

You crave control in your life and therefore claim it in small ways. Such behavior is common in people who have gone through childhood traumas.

Normal Course of Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Different forms of anxiety are usually treated with pharmacological intervention and therapy. Mostly it is some type of serotonin reuptake inhibitor to stimulate the production of more serotonin.

However, the drugs will usually leave you feeling drained and groggy. Patients have reported lacking energy for daily activities as an effect of the drugs. This may lead to overdose as one struggles to stay on their feet.

Treating Anxiety Disorders with CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a nature given remedy for anxiety disorders. Multiple studies have demonstrated its incredible potency towards anxiety and anxiety symptoms. CBD interacts with receptors that work to regulate fear and anxiety.

Through interaction with the endocannabinoid receptors, anandamide is stimulated. This is an endocannabinoid whose function is to affect ease and relaxation.

The FAAH enzyme however, inhibits this. CBD is also instrumental in disarming this enzyme. 5HT1A is a serotonin receptor, and CBD only affects this partially. However, the action is just enough to produce anti-anxiety effects.

Backed By Science

Science Back Benefits of CBD for Anxiety Disorders

There have been studies and research reviews of the action of CBD on anxiety over the years. The results are all positive!

In 2010, a group of Brazilian scientists performed studies on some people with general social anxiety. The aim was to note whether CBD would help with their symptoms. After administration for a period, brain scans were taken.

Cerebral blood flow was seen to be evident of anti-anxiety effects, while other tests were also done like blood pressure and heart rate. These were all normal. Patients also reported feeling a lot less anxious before a public speaking engagement.

In 2014, a study was done on animals. They were found to exhibit less anxious behavior upon administration of CBD, bringing us a step closer to positive results in human beings.

The following year, an analysis of previous studies was shown. Upon consolidation of data, it was concluded that CBD is a viable treatment option for anxiety despite the need for more research

In 2016, children with traumatic histories were the subject of studies. In the end, it was found that they slept better and suffered less anxiety symptoms. This would be a very useful tool for the children of the world who go through atrocities with no way to cope.

Taking Advantage of The Anti-Anxiety Effects of CBD

The effectiveness of CBD will depend on many factors. Chief among them is bioavailability. This is affected by method of extraction and method of consumption. Liposomal production has been found to increase bioavailability up to 50% from only 15%. This is to say that of the amount of CBD consumed, the body will absorb 50%.

One has to apply time and patience when they decide to take on CBD as a remedy for anxiety. CBD takes a while to get absorbed into the body and to start its functions. Once it does, it will be worth the wait.

The best way to administer CBD is by starting at the lowest possible dosage. This gives your body time to adapt to the new therapy.

From this point, you can begin to increase the dosage gradually. It is advised to maintain a particular dosage for a few days. This is the only way to tell whether that is the correct dosage or if it is too high/low.

Your doses should also be kept small, and spread throughout the day as opposed to consuming the whole dosage for the day at once.

Most anxiety patients are already on prescribed medication. Some may decide to use CBD to replace the meds, while others seek to use them together.

Your doctor must be consulted for advice, as one can never know how the two will react with each other. Generally, CBD when used with other meds is harmless. If you are weaning yourself off medications, you should make the decision on their own.

Tincture or Extract

There is a difference between a CBD extract and a tincture. A tincture is less concentrated, while the extract will offer a higher concentration. This is not to say either one is better. This is to say that one should make the decision to use either.

The CBD product packaging will usually have an indication of whether the product is extract or tincture. One can make a tincture at home with some industrial hemp and alcohol. The tincture is long lasting and you can make a whole lot then store it.

CBD Products That Help Treat Anxiety Disorders

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil


There are three ways to consume CBD oil. The first is by oral consumption such as by putting the CBD oil into a capsule or by putting a few drops of the oil in your mouth and then swallowing.

The great thing about this is that it is fast acting and extremely easy to administer. The worst thing is that some CBD oils are not flavored and will taste very earthy, which can be seen as a drawback for some. So if that’s you, for this method of consumption, you might want to seek out a flavored CBD oil tincture or use capsules.

In the same respect, you can put a few drops of the oil as desired and allowing it to sit under your tongue for 30-60 seconds for what’s known as sublingual use. This area has capillaries that will absorb CBD straight into your blood circulation. It is incredibly fast acting. It will work as if it was delivered intravenously.

Or you can also infuse the CBD oil directly into¬†edibles. This is anything from coffee to an omelet, it’s extremely easy to make your own homemade CBD edibles. A few drops while cooking will do the trick. This method is a little slow on the uptake, as it has to go through your digestive system. Passing through the liver will decrease the bioavailability.

CBD Tinctures

Alpine Hep Essential Boost CBD Tincture

Just like with CBD oil, cannabidiol tinctures offer a quick, convenient, discreet, and effective method of consumption. But unlike CBD oil, tinctures are alcohol or vegetable glycerin based. You can choose to take a CBD tincture orally (sublingually), or it can be mixed into food and beverages. A tincture comes in a glass bottle with a dropper that are available in a variety of concentrations.

The best part is, if you aren’t a fan of the earth and natural taste of CBD oil, tinctures are available in both flavored and unflavored options so you can choose the option that’s best for you!


CBD topicals are a range of lotions, balms, salves and other products that are applied on the skin. For best results, you should rub a little on the lymph glands, abdomen, and bottom of the feet.

The great thing about CBD topicals is that they are made like any other lotion. They are infused with elements like lavender and sage, which will help the mission of CBD. They will also leave the skin feeling smooth and supple.

Topicals are very convenient. They are packaged just like any other cream or lotion and may come in travel packs. This is an effective method of delivering CBD into your system.

Vaping CBD

CBD vape juices are made just like all the others. Flavored with whatever one desires. This is a fast acting vehicle for CBD consumption. The effects remain for a few hours therefore keeping you calm throughout the day.

Vaping does not produce smoke, which means it can be done indoors. Whenever you feels like you are on the verge of a panic attack, you can just go to the washroom, have at a puff or two then turn it off, and continue your business. It is discreet and extremely effective.


These come in specific dosages. With CBD capsules, you will know exactly how much CBD you have consumed at a time. This also means you will know by exactly how much you have adjusted your dosage. The packages give simple and clear instruction on how to take these capsules.

Desperate Times, Call For Desperate Measures

Anxiety causes a lot of broken relationships, unemployment, and suicide. It is a social and economic burden. With the immense benefits of CBD this burden can begin to ease off.

Relationships can be mended and anxiety patients can begin to live fuller lives, and take better control of their lives. They can function in the society with other human beings. Suicide has become a global pandemic, and if CBD can help keep even one person off the nook then that is a step in the right direction.

Both the economic and social landscape of the world will be better if this problem is solved.

This is a medical condition just like any other. You should not be ashamed to seek help or admit to having an anxiety disorder. The earlier an anxiety disorder or other related disorders are diagnosed, the better chance you have at keeping symptoms in check.

There is need for more research but the studies have shown a lot of promise. This with the personal testimonies and support from different medical professionals speaks highly for the potency of CBD products in the treatment of anxiety disorders.


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