Industry Professionals Share Thoughts on the Quality of CBD Products


“All CBD brands are the cream of the crop, top of the heap, nothing but the best and all that jazz!”  Hopefully, this sarcasm was easy to detect because in actuality, the simplest answer to the question, “Are All CBD brands High Quality? Is “No. Not necessarily”

As of right now, the future seems bright for cannabidiol (CBD). However, just as we are seeing some professional business practices maturing, we are also being exposed to witnessing some irresponsible business practices being employed by a few bad apples.

It is important to remember that the concept of “bad business practices” is not something entirely new, nor is it all thanks to the CBD industry. This is something we see in every single industry, especially the younger ones just now emerging onto the marketplace.

In addition, with the modern emerging technologies and industrial sectors of the economy being born overnight, we can expect to see more and more of these dishonest businesses using irresponsible practices across multiple areas of the global economy.

Majority of CBD Brands are Top Quality

While some remain skeptical about CBD, it seems this is primarily because the mainstream news outlets will only report stories to the masses about the dishonest brands that are emerging and any incidents that unfortunately cause harmful circumstances.

Rather than focusing on informing consumers of all the responsible and honest businesses creating quality CBD products that help improve, which make up a majority of the CBD industry.


What is unique about the CBD industry is that it is also heavily populated by honest, hard-working, genuine, ambitious, ethical and professionally focused entrepreneurs. They are fully aware of these irresponsible business practices floating around this young modern emerging industry and all agree that it needs to be eradicated as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Although, as of current, the fact that there are some bad apples out there is definitely not a beneficial feature. Nor is it enjoyable to learn of or read and write about.

However, in modern America, what industry is not harboring some form of dishonesty and deceit. There are constantly scam artists and irresponsible business practices. This is surely a sign of these times.

CBD Brand Owners Discuss Irresponsible Business Practices

Towards the beginning of every interview that I have conducted with top CBD brand owners I speak with, there are many comments shared on a controversial and unfortunate reality.

One CEO says, “There are companies taking advantage of this miraculous cannabinoid by selling people consumer products labeled as CBD, but without including any actual CBD. That is just unacceptable. This is a consumer product that many people rely on. There must be more accountability. If you’re in this business just for the money, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons.”

Another high quality CBD brand owner declares, “We have no room for those shady businesses who do not take this industry seriously. CBD manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure the products are manufactured with honesty and integrity. They should only be launching products that are exactly what they say they are.”

Personally, as a CBD researcher and product reviewer, it is internally frustrating to learn the truth about some of these dishonest brands.

If just one single business launches a false product, this irresponsible action creates a series of shockwaves traveling across the industrial landscape, causing negative reactionary outcomes in the CBD industry that only make things more difficult for everyone else who is being responsible and honest.

When inquiring about this issue, all the responsible brands, whether a newly launched Mom n’ Pop operation to all the biggest brands or major players in the CBD industry, all owners will respond unanimously and with complete professionalism.

Many may assume this would be a topic that industry professionals would not want to shed too much light on for fear of damaging the reputation of the industry. However, this is not a topic that any of them will avoid discussing because they want to see it go away.

After all, the basic law of physics, “For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction” — seems to also hold up as a valid interpretation or explanation in the business world and the realm of our digital web space rather than just existing within our physical environment.

For instance, when an entire CBD line is introduced into ecommerce with no actual CBD in the product, then that’s going to negatively affect all brands and businesses across the very young CBD industry as a whole. If we want to keep genuine customers, we must operate as a genuine business and brand.

A successful industry professional for one of the most well-respected CBD brands said, “These fly-by-night businesses clearly exploiting consumers for their own personal gain are unwelcome — this particular issue is  something the industry will not tolerate.”

This next comment from a CBD brand owner was sent as an email message. He states, “The last thing we want in the CBD Community are irresponsible businesses pushing products that are ineffective or entirely bogus. This type of unprofessional and dangerous approach to conducting business is just something the CBD industry wants no part of this is not what we are all about…we do NOT want to scam people, we want to help them and that’s just the truth.”

Even with all of the industry standards that have been established or at least collectively understood by respected professionals working in any given industry, there is still a chance you could come across the wrong business at the wrong time.

In the meantime, as long as you are aware of these potential risks it’s as easy as shopping for anything else. Not to mention, what is necessary, is to support phasing out all of the schemers and scammers that are polluting this young industry. Any brand putting consumers at risk do not at all represent how the majority of the CBD industry professionals feel.

Any Speculation Will Transform Into Pure Appreciation

Altogether, all hesitancies and trust issues surrounding the CBD industry won’t be something that persists for too much longer. There are many reasons why, especially the flawless product reviews seen all across the internet. This proves that a high percentage of these newly established businesses are absolutely legitimate and worth your while.

Henceforth, this one fact proves that CBD products are not all just manufactured by schemers or simple-minded amateurs with no actual experience. The reality is that these businesses that are running shady enterprises will eventually fade because there are so many well-meaning, trustworthy and ambitious entrepreneurs accomplishing real progress.

In hindsight, due to the endless consumer testimonials and growing success rates that have been created by CBD products, means there really is not too much CBD businesses will have to do in the future to convince consumers and especially medical patients the advantages experienced by using CBD products.

One CBD business owner clarifies, “This industry is young, but we are also a closely-connected community. So, you have to prove yourself as a responsible and trustworthy enterprise before anyone in the industry will do business with you.”

Of course, the top quality brands are directly helping endless amounts of suffering people. So, as time progresses and we are able to rid the industry of these deceitful brands creating dishonest CBD products, then there will be no cause for skepticism.  

To reiterate, the CBD industry is strong, thriving, innovative and still really expanding and with more and more options for distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and especially consumers becoming openly available, there are opportunities for all to benefit from CBD.



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