What is the Correct Dosage of CBD for You?


CBD dosage can be tricky especially for a newbie who doesn’t know where their tolerance lies. Tolerance is that point between no activity whatsoever and when relief begins to take place.

At this point, you enjoy the benefits without suffering consequences of overindulgence, finding this spot can take some time. There are other factors that determine your appropriate dosage though.

Today we are going to talk about how to find the ideal dosage of CBD for you!

Methods of CBD Delivery

CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice

This is the method by which the cannabidiol (CBD) gets into your system. Inhalation is by far the best way to get CBD into the system.

It bypasses your metabolism process and is delivered right into your circulation. The effects are quick and effective. This includes all forms of vaporization like dabbing and vaping.

The most appropriate dosage to start with is 2 mg then adjust upwards. It has been found that tolerance can be maintained up to 100 mg.

CBD Edibles


The second best method is ingesting. The bioavailability in this case is reduced by your metabolic process in your liver. Other than that, it is a pretty good method as your effects last for a longer time. Dosage can begin at 10 mg and be adjusted all the way up to 100 mg per day.

CBD Tinctures/Oil

Wellicy CBD Hemp Oil TinctureThe third best method is sublingual. This is delivery through the capillaries under your tongue. Bioavailability of the CBD derived from hemp oil is pretty good in this case. So good in fact, that dosage can start from a single milligram. It is fast acting and you do not have to wait for too long to check for effects.

CBD Topicals

The fourth best method is topical. This is application of a CBD product for absorption transdermally. It does not get into your blood circulation but rather provides localized relief. The effects are felt within ten minutes. Dosage can start at 10 mg and go up to 200 mg.

CBD Additive

The fifth and most novel method is the water drops. This is a water-soluble product. Two drops in a half liter of water per day is sufficient. The dosage can be adjusted by drop every week until your desired results are achieved.

Purpose of Using CBD

This is the reason for which you are using CBD. The cannabinoid is considered medicinal. It is therefore assumed that there is a specific reason for introducing it to your system. Even just maintaining homeostasis devoid of a medical condition is a reason enough.

Different medical conditions require different levels of dosage over different periods of time. Chronic pain for example requires 2.5 milligrams to 20 milligrams over 25 days.

Epileptic seizures require at least 200 mg up to four and a half months while motor control issues require 10 mg per lbs of weight for 6 weeks.

To combat sleep disorders a minimum of 40 mg is required and can be adjusted up to 160 mg. Multiple Sclerosis can be treated with 2.5 mg per day up to 15 weeks, it can be adjusted up to 120 mg.

Glaucoma requires a lighter touch with dosage of between 20 and 40 mg. Anything above the 40 mg can actually increase ocular pressure and worsen your condition.

Concentration Of CBD

This is the percentage of CBD contained in the product you are using. Products with a higher CBD content will require a light touch with a lower dosage than those with low content. This is why the concentrates are dosed lower than simple extracts.

Tolerance of Cannabidiol

Tolerence is the most common determinant of dosage but not necessarily the most important. People who have been using cannabis can consider themselves veterans and start their dosages at 25 mg then adjust upwards. Such users have a better grip of their reactions towards cannabinoids and will notice signs of overdose if it occurs.

Tolerance is not always about longevity in the bud community but also about your weight and exposure to opioids. A heftier person will require a little more CBD than a lightweight. The same applies to someone who has been using opioids for a long time. Their system is used to chemicals and is therefore stronger in terms of allowing influence.

Follow the Writing on the Package

The packaging for the products usually gives appropriate instructions for dosage. You can follow these instructions until you learn to do everything on your own. The above dosage guidelines are meant for the homemade CBD products since they do not come off the oven with instruction embedded in them.

It is also important to involve a medical practitioner in your dosage decision. They have a better grasp of the possible side effects of overdose and therapy requirements of your purpose of use.


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