Will CBD Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

Will CBD Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

Let’s just jump right to it. No, you will not fail a drug test because of CBD. One simple reason is that the method used to perform drug tests are not meant to be investigating for CBD but THC.

This is because most employers and other people of consequences are not particularly concerned about CBD as it is not psychoactive, THC on the other hand is problematic.

There will usually be a little bit of THC in full spectrum CBD products. Only about 0.3% of the cannabinoid content will be THC. This level is left in to aid the entourage effect. CBD can however exist in a pure state at 99% purity or more.

There have been a few reported cases of people failing drug tests, this despite only taking CBD products. Usually a test is done to check for marijuana content in the body. Then an affirmation test is done to determine that there really is THC in the system. How then could these people fail drug tests?

What Would Lead to Me Failing a Drug Test for CBD?

Fail vs. Pass


The average recommended dosage per day is 160mg of CBD product. However, if you take almost twenty times this amount, there will be a false positive on your drug test.


But of course, we are referring to the use of full spectrum CBD oil not CBD isolate or broad spectrum, as isolate and broad spectrum CBD has absolutely zero chance of causing you to fail a drug test.

That brings it to more than 1000mg of CBD a day, about two bottles of CBD oil a day.

That is crazy to begin with and is strongly advised against. CBD is not reported to have any adverse effects. However, who knows what could happen at such exorbitant levels? The false positive aforementioned can be easily verified.

Cannabinoid Profile

CBD has become so popular. So popular in fact, it is estimated that in about five years, the CBD market will be worth more than $20 Billion. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. For that reason, some unsavory practices have developed.

Are you sure about the cannabinoid content and profile of the product you are using?

Have you verified the information provided on the product packaging?

Is there a way the product could have been contaminated?

These are just ways in which THC could have gotten into the product and later into your bloodstream that could cause you to fail a drug test.

Purpose of Your Drug Test

Another reason you could fail the drug test is because the lab was looking for it. CBD has spread like wildfire. However, there are still some people who are a little slow on the uptake.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who do not look past the word marijuana to see CBD for what it really is.

Therefore, CBD is considered a point of concern along with THC. There is still a left over belief that the CBD will cause impairment. Despite this being very far from the truth, obviously. So, the company will find a way to test for CBD. In this instance, you will fail the test.

How To Ensure You Will Not Fail a Drug Test with CBD

Pass Drug Test with CBD

Ideally, you should not be concerned about a positive drug test because of CBD. If you are still feeling a little jumpy about it, here are a few measures to ensure you do not test positive.

Use CBD Isolate (THC Free) Products

As mentioned before, CBD can exist independently without THC. A study in 2015 revealed that CBD without other cannabinoids would not be remotely as superior but why gamble, just go for the isolate.

Isolate is purely CBD, making it a great additive. It contains no trace of other cannabinoid or marijuana elements. This way, you are in the clear. Isolate eliminates any worries about trace amounts of THC showing up on drug tests.

Broad spectrum CBD may also be applicable in this instance. See, broad spectrum is simply the full spectrum with the THC washed out.

With the presence of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other nutrients you are still able to experience the highly sought after entourage effect.

Verifiable Cannabinoid Profile

Do not just pick up anything off the shelf, scrutinize it first and read the test results. Look for third party results, this ensures that the data results are organic. A reputable brand will be too careful to compromise the quality of the CBD products, reputation is a valuable aspect of business.

Do your research before you start using CBD. There are many platforms online where one can get all the information possible. From the best quality products to the cheapest, you can even find information on shady brands. Use this information and be pickier in your selection.

That said, you should also ensure to keep the purely CBD products away from elements that could contaminate it. Ensure it does not get all mixed up and possibly infected with THC.


CBD Dosage

Stick to the lowest possible dosage. What are you using this CBD for? Not only will this help you steer clear of positive drug tests, but you will also save money and extend the life of each CBD product when you use the precise amount necessary.

The dosage thing is especially important if you are including a bit of THC in the dose. The levels will remain low and barely traceable in tests.

Full Disclosure

If you find yourself taking a drug test, honesty is the best policy. Talk to the relevant authorities and just simply and honestly let them now you are using CBD for such and such a reason. If possible provide a prescription from a physician, just let it be known.

This way, when the drug test comes in positive, it will not be much of a surprise that there is a bit of THC in the system. You may also go a step further and have the physician write a note that the prescription in no way impairs your judgement or affects your performance at work.

Flush Out

In some cases, the THC may be necessary. It may be crucial to relief, even if consumed in small amounts. If you are fortunate enough to know about the drug test in advance, here is some handy information.

Seven days after consumption, THC metabolites decrease by half. A drug tests will detect THC levels from 50ng/ml. You do not have to be completely free of it. The level can just be lower than that. You may decide to cease for a bit or you may also decide to go for a lower dose. Or, as mentioned above, let the powers that be know beforehand.


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