Vaping CBD: How to Go About it Safely

Vaping CBD: How to Go About it Safely

The CBD market is already worth millions of dollars, and it’s estimated that it will be well over two billion by 2020.CBD Industry Worth 20 Million Dollars

This means that many people are looking to get in on the ground floor. Most of these people will take the dubious route in.

Unfortunately, the CBD market is riddled with substandard products, from cheap and harmful products to structurally compromised implements.

While these companies are making bank selling their cheaper stuff, the wellness of users is on the line.

There is so much to choose from that by the looks of it, one would be unable to tell whether they picked up the real thing or a knock off that will spell the end for him or her.

Safety Issues

Cuticle Wax

This is a fatty outer layer on flowering cannabis plants. This was not a problem before because people opted to smoke their weed.


However, vaping offers a lower temperature at which the cuticle wax does not just burn away. This means that it collects in the lungs.

A statement by Steep Hill Labs was published in Rolling Stone in 2017. It said that the wax caused the development of solidified granulomas later in life, however this claim has not been clinically proven yet.

That does not mean that cuticle wax is not a threat though. It can still cause some very adverse health effects.

To get around this, one should find CBD vape products that have been put through the winterization procedure.

This is a process by which the cuticle wax is either wholly or partly removed from the products. The process also removes other elements that have a higher melting point than the rest of the plant.

Elements that could bring about respiratory issues. Find out if your vape product has been put through this process before use.


CBD vape juice can be quite thick. This makes it very difficult for them to be vaporized effectively and efficiently. It puts strain on the heating coil and may pose a danger to the user.

So manufacturers use dilutants, which are chemicals meant to thin the product a little bit so that it is easier to vape. The most popular are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. 

The use vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol as a dilutant is considered quite safe. However, some studies in regards to vaping have shown that when vaping propylene glycol at 450°F, it produced a significantly greater formaldehyde byproduct when compared to that of MCT or vegetable glycerin.

But notice, this test heated the propylene glycol to 450°F, which is far greater than what the vast majority of vapors vape at.

An alternative to propylene glycol is to look for CBD vape juice products that are infused with terpenes.

If you don’t want to purchase pre-made CBD vape juice in fear of receiving a product with a harmful dilutant. The other way would be to make your own CBD vape product at home. This way you would know exactly what kind of dilutant is in your vape products. If things go awry, you will know exactly what happened, so you will not have to speculate.

Vape Kit

When you use a faulty vape pen, you risk all sorts of incidences. The most common problem is the heater coil. If this does not work as it should, the CBD vape juice will not be vaporized efficiently. This means that the dilutants might not break down properly.Vape Starter Kit

People, especially beginners will opt to go for the cheaper options because according to them testing the waters should not cost too much.

This right here is how to assure a destructive test of the proverbial waters. If you compromise on quality of the vape kit, you are just asking for a horrible CBD vape experience.

Do not spend money blindly; do your research.

Find reviews about the vape pen that you are about to commit to.

It should not be too cheap but not too expensive either, and you should also look for one that is quite easy to use.

The vape device should be reliable and reputable. It is better to splurge on something great once than to keep buying cheap knock offs multiple times and risking disaster.

Vape Product

Most people do not know the difference between CBD oil and CBD vape oil or juice.

The first thing to remember is that the latter is a vape specific product. It does not allow for versatility. While CBD oil is typically made with a hemp seed oil or MCT oil base, the vape product is made with a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol base.

The former is meant for oral administration, while the second is specific to vaporization.

Do not under any circumstances use CBD oil for sublingual delivery to vape. It would not be effective, plus it would leave a bad taste in your mouth.

There are however many CBD oil products such as the Koi and Wellicy line of CBD oil that can be vaped and used sublingually!

General Vape Safety Pointers

  • You can always choose to make your vape product at home. There are directions online as well as on to make CBD vape oil in your house in a few simple steps. If you make your product at home, you will be sure of CBD content and aware of the other ingredients therein. Just make sure to follow instructions and take safety precautions.


  • If you decide that vaping is the way to go, do not pick a product just because it’s the cheapest. Be ready to spend some money on the best possible requirements from your vape pen to the CBD vape oil. Go for quality and reliability, and ALWAYS go for reputable brands. You can do this by looking at past reviews from products, and also checking out 3rd party lab results. If the company does not provide test results of their CBD vape products, do not buy!


  • Research, research and more research. Find out all there is to know about vaping CBD. You can even look on the internet for CBD communities to see the CBD products others have tried or recommend. Read reviews of products and vape pens. Read about the reported issues and how you can avoid them, you need to find out everything you can. If you have never encountered anyone who vapes, you are at a higher risk for mistakes. Avoid those by arming yourself with information and know how.


  • The same amount of due diligence should apply to the vendor chosen. Try to stick to one vendor. If you establish some semblance of a relationship with the vendor, he or she is bound to slip you some vaping tips. A vendor who deals in CBD vape products will probably also have good vape pens in stock or a link to a legit vendor.


  • The marketing efforts of a company say a lot about the products. If a company is constantly spamming you with pop-ups and emails all the time, be very wary. Some companies will offer free samples but then take credit card information. Turn and run the other way. People have reported finding charges for the ‘free’ samples on their reports, so it’s best if you just stay away from such companies.

Why Bother With Vaping CBD?Vaping CBD on the go

The above safety tips might seem so daunting that you are turned off CBD vaping. If you think about it, they really are not that complex. Vaping CBD is a great way to administer the element. You could be wondering, if there is so much that could go wrong why bother?

  • Vaping is much better than smoking. The burning embers irritate airways giving rise to a host of respiratory issues. Vaping delivers a hit of smooth vapor into your lungs, so it does not irritate or cause painful coughing fits.


  • Vaping is great as you can get a hit on your bathroom break to help ease the day’s anxieties and stress. It kicks in quick and you can go two hours without needing another hit. 


  • There are pre-dosed disposable CBD cartridges for those who would rather get a measured dose each time. This allows you to keep track of how much CBD you are consuming each day.


  • Vaping is both discreet and convenient. There is no material combustion, so you would not leave ashes and a smell behind after you are done. Vape pens are quite small, and the bioavailability is also quite high. Unlike oral administration of CBD. Vaping CBD goes straight into your lungs where it seeps into your blood stream without a compromise of content. 


  • This is the perfect way for novices to become acquainted with CBD. You are able to easily and more quickly establish a baseline then make precise adjustments. CBD is also very effective when you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. A study in 2013 looked into the truth behind this statement. CBD vaping was measured against a placebo inhaler. The group with the placebo inhaler experienced no change in the desire to smoke. The CBD vaping group had a 40% reduction in cigarette smoking during the course of the study.


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