The Importance of Being Hydrated While Taking CBD

The Importance of Being Hydrated While Taking CBD

Do you feel like your mouth gets uncomfortably dry after consuming CBD? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. More importantly, there’s really no need to panic when dry mouth starts to take effect.

This commonly reported side effect is often more of an annoyance than an indicator of a serious issue. 

However, it is possible that heavy CBD use can exacerbate existing dehydration. That’s why staying hydrated is extremely important if you’re a CBD enthusiast.

Despite this one side effect, it’s obvious that the numerous benefits of CBD outweigh the potential negative effects. 

CBD 101

CBD is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that has been recently found to have an abundance of positive effects on a person’s health.

Every mammal has what’s called an endocannabinoid system that helps the body maintain homeostasis by regulating processes such as pain tolerance, immune function and mood.

However, our current environment is abundant in stressors that deplete the endocannabinoid system, leaving us vulnerable to a wide range of ailments. 

As a cannabinoid, CBD gives the endocannabinoid what it needs to maintain the body’s processes. That’s why CBD can treat so many common ailments at once.


It’s also why CBD is considered relatively safe when taken in large doses. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to overdose on CBD

CBD’s Benefits

CBD Benefits

Because of recent changes in the legal status of hemp cultivation, medical researchers have been able to study the positive effects of CBD like never before.

As a result, we now have access to an abundance of clinical studies that demonstrate CBD’s many health benefits. 

Anxiety Relief

CBD has been found to significantly reduce anxiety by lowering the secretion of cortisol in the brain.

Unlike popular anti-anxiety medications, CBD’s effects are subtle, meaning that most people can take it daily without feeling uncomfortably drowsy. 

CBD is capable of treating a wide range of anxiety conditions. One study found that CBD can help PTSD sufferers fall asleep more quickly.

Another study found that CBD helped patients who suffered from social anxiety. 

Pain Relief

CBD has also been found to be a highly effective pain-relieving substance. Whether taken orally or massaged into the skin, CBD can reduce inflammation while providing the body with its analgesic properties.

Many people have found that CBD is just as effective at treating their pain as popular opioid drugs that come with numerous dangerous side effects. 

Neuroprotective Properties

Fascinatingly, CBD has been found to have neuroprotective properties that protect the neurons in the brain.

This means that it can help with a variety of neurological ailments such as concussions, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.

In fact, the FDA recently approved a CBD-based drug for children and adults with epilepsy.

Digestive Aid

CBD boasts antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it very beneficial to the digestive system. 

Various studies have found that CBD can soothe the digestive tract while providing relief to those who suffer from inflammatory conditions such as IBS.

CBD has also been found to help with indigestion, nausea and vomiting while promoting appetite


Certain strands of can boost energy and cognitive function without making a person feel edgy or wired.

Sativa strands are known to enhance energy levels gently and naturally, leaving a person feeling refreshed. 

Can CBD Make You Feel Dehydrated?

Will CBD Make You Dehydrated?

It’s common to experience dry mouth when taking CBD. This mostly has to do with the fact that cannabis suppresses the secretion of saliva from the salivary glands.

This is a very temporary side effect, lasting only as long as the effects of CBD are felt. However, if you’re someone who is prone to dehydration, CBD can dehydrate you further.

If you feel exceptionally dehydrated after consuming CBD, you might want to consider seeing a doctor in order to make sure that your overall health is in good shape. 

Other Causes of Dehydration

Obviously, dehydration is frequently caused by not drinking enough water. However, there are some underlying conditions that can contribute to dehydration. There are also lifestyle habits that can deplete the body’s hydration level. 

Many prescription drugs can cause dehydration. Also, heavy consumption of alcohol, caffeine or nicotine can all lead to chronic dehydration. 

Dehydration can also be caused by poorly functioning kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for filtering fluids that enter the body. If the kidney is overactive, it can be removing fluids from the body before they get a chance to be absorbed.

The Importance of Dehydration

Severe dehydration is a very dangerous state. The body cannot survive without water. Extreme dehydration, therefore, can result in death. 

Even mild dehydration can lead to a variety of health issues. Every single bodily process requires proper hydration in order to function properly. Dehydration can cause everything from brain fog to muscle weakness. 

Signs of Dehydration

One of the easiest ways to check your level of hydration is to monitor your urine output. How often you urinate, and the appearance of your urine are good indicators of how hydrated you are. As a rule of thumb, your urine should be a pale-yellow color. This is indicative of proper hydration. 

If your urine is a dark yellow, you need to introduce more water into your body. Alternatively, if your urine is completely clear, you may be over-hydrated. Being over-hydrated can be just as dangerous as being dehydrated. 

Other signs of dehydration include fatigue, irritability, brain fog, confusion, dizziness, muscle weakness, muscle cramping, low blood pressure and dry skin.

Ways to Stay Hydrated When Taking CBD

Ways To Stay Hydrated When Using CBD

Carry Water with You

If you get dehydrated easily, make sure that you’ve always got a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

If you carry a purse around with you, simply slip a full bottle into one of its compartments.

Otherwise, you can make sure that you always keep a case of water in your car. 

Eat More Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Hydration doesn’t just come from drinking water. Raw fruits and vegetables are extremely high in water content, meaning that they can hydrate the body when consumed in abundance.

Plus, raw fruits and vegetables are high in many essential nutrients, making them beneficial in a variety of ways. 

Cut Back on Salty Foods, Alcohol and Caffeine

It goes without saying that salt depletes hydration. If you feel dry mouth when using CBD, avoid salty snacks that will leave you feeling more dehydrated.

Also, stay away from caffeine and alcohol as these are diuretics that force water out of your body.

Change Up Your Workout Routine

If you’re the type of hemp user who takes CBD in the morning, be cautious with the type of workout that you do while it’s still in your system.

To avoid dehydration, stick to workouts that don’t make you sweat excessively.

Pilates, resistance training and yoga are all excellent forms of exercise that won’t deplete your bodily fluids in excess. 

Use Topical CBD Products

Topical CBD products are less likely to cause dehydration as they aren’t ingested.

If you’re worried about dehydration or just hate the sensation of dry mouth, find a CBD cream that can be massaged into the affected area.

There are many high-quality CBD creams on the market that can alleviate symptoms without causing dry mouth. 

The Best CBD Products for Those Who Are Prone to Dehydration

CBD Products

1. Full Spectrum Blend Lotion by Pure Spectrum

The Full Spectrum Blend Lotion is a topical CBD product that shouldn’t contribute to dehydration.

It’s renowned for its pain-relieving properties that take effect once the lotion has been absorbed into the tissue through the skin.

This lotion is rich in plant-based ingredients such as coconut oil, vitamin E and olive oil that are known to hydrate the skin. 

This lotion is an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from localized pain or skin inflammation. It’s easy to use and works quickly. 

2. CBD Hemp Oil Tincture by Clarify

The CBD Hemp Oil Tincture from Clarify is administered beneath the tongue.

It’s highly potent, meaning a little goes a long way. Many believe that taking CBD in tincture form decreases the likelihood of dry mouth. 

This tincture is known for its calming effects on the body and mind. If you suffer from anxiety, this tincture is the way to go. It’s also loaded with natural pain-relieving properties. 

3. Elite CBD Patch by Mary’s Nutritionals

The Elite CBD Patch is an innovative CBD product for localized pain. Simply stick the patch onto the affected area and let the CBD’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties take effect.

Because this product is applied to the skin, it likely won’t lead to dry mouth. 

Bottom Line, Keep Your Body Hydrated

Whether or not you’re a heavy CBD user, knowing how to keep your body hydrated is extremely important. By following these tips, you won’t have to worry about dehydration damaging your health


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