Popular Strains That are Rich in CBD

Most Popular CBD Rich Cannabis Strains

Marijuana use is no longer just a preserve for parties and chilling out after a long day on the roof of your building. The scope has grown. One of the cannabinoids is CBD. Previously, it was thought the purpose of this cannabinoid was to combat the psychoactive effect of THC.

However, it has been discovered that the benefits and uses span further than that. It has been so widely researched and used that it is threatening to eclipse THC, may be it has already.

A cannabis strain is a plant variety developed with the intention of intensifying specific characteristics. There are three main groupings of strains. A strain is either an indica, sativa or hybrid.

The hybrid narrows further down with sativa dominant, indica dominant and well balanced. The main differences between indica and sativa lie in the terpene composition.

For example, the terpene myrcene produces a sedating effect. Levels higher than 0.5% will cause that couch potato effect everyone wants to avoid most of the time.

Indica is one of the basis strains. It is characterized by deep body relaxation. The plants are short and bushy with wide leaves. They grow faster and have a higher yield than the alternative.


Indica or indica dominant strains are best for insomnia, chronic pain, lack of appetite, muscle tension, muscle spasms, anxiety, and other forms of physical stress.

Sativa is more energizing. The plants are tall, and thin with narrow leaves. They exhibit a lighter shade of green and require a little more light than the indica. A sativa or sativa dominant strain is best for fatigue, migraine, glaucoma, depression, focus, and daytime use.

Fragrance and Flavor

The varying compositions of terpenes give the different strains different flavors. They range from earthy to fruity to sweet and even diesel.

The flavor is not of much consequence especially if it is not being smoked or used in a recipe. The flavor should not be more of a factor to consider when picking a strain to use over other factors like CBD concentration and availability.


Apart from knowledge of the type of strain. You should also consider the composition of cannabinoids. Of course, there are others like CBN but CBD and THC are the most vocal cannabinoids. They will be the focus here.

The aim will be to keep your CBD percentage high and THC level low. Thus, the ratio should be as wide as possible. Usually, a 4% CBD concentration is considered high enough. However, levels up to 20% are achievable and have been in some strains. Science is still trying to achieve higher concentrations.

Behold A Few Popular Strains

1) Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift was named after Lawrence Ringo, a CBD specialist known for several strains. It is a cross breed of Harle-Tsu and ACDC. It has a ratio of CBD to THC of 24:1. This is very high up there on the list of CBD:THC ratios.

Ringo’s Gift keeps cerebral activity optimum without the couch lock effect, making it soothing both mentally and physically. It has an earthy, citrus and piney flavor, gives a sort of spring experience with the aromas. This particular strain is quite new in the market. This particular plant is also very rare and not available in some states.


Quite the quirky little name there. This strain has a CBD:THC ration of 20:1, which is pretty high. It leaves THC in only a small almost insignificant amount. ACDC is potent for muscle tension, pain, anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, and even the side effects of chemotherapy.

It flowers within 9 weeks. This is a very popular and available strain.

3) Suzy Q

This is just perfect for daytime use. It hails from Northern California and can achieve CBD:THC ration of up to 59:1, which is simply excellent. Suzy Q will not induce that stoned feeling, and can be used for pain, nausea, arthritis, muscle spasms, and anxiety.

4) Charlotte’s Web

This is perhaps the most famous cannabis strain ever. It started a very necessary conversation about the use of CBD in place of pharmaceuticals. Charlotte’s Web was named after a little girl who suffered multiple seizures every day.

The Stanley brothers achieved very high levels of CBD and low THC. Some phenotypes have a little industrial hemp mixed in there. Apart from use by epilepsy patients, it is great for neurodegenerative disorders.

5) Sour Tsunami

This is descendent from Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel. It is potent for aim and inflammation. The aroma is a diesel like smell with some sweet undertones, it smells familiar and feels like an old friend.

6) Avi-Dekel

Developed by Tikun Olam, this strain has 15% CBD. It works for sleep, inflammation, and digestive issues. Looking for something to take for help with digestion? This is it. A sweet scent wafts from the buds making it an excellent addition to your garden.

7) Tora Bora

This should not be on the list due to the high percentage of THC but it has a stamp of approval from many war veterans who use it for multiple purposes. It has 14% CBD and 6% THC. It is a cross of L.A Confidential and X18 Pure Pakistani.

You must be a high tolerance user before trying this strain for medicinal purposes. It is especially great for pain and insomnia.

8) Doctor Doctor

This is an apt name for the strain that has 20% CBD. It is applicable for nausea, inflammation, anxiety, and physical and mental stress. The fruity aroma can easily lead you to underestimate it.

9) Cashey’s Honey

This was named after a boy who suffered multiple tumors. He was only a child and the scourge had already gotten to him. The parents could not get CBD legally so they went out on limb and became outlaws.

That single act of rebellion was the turning of young Cash’s life. Today he is a normal child who plays and laughs. This strain was named after him, deservedly so. It has CBD content of 18% and THC 10%. It is a cross of Dulce Canna and AK-47.

10) Cannatonic

It has a CBD: THC ratio of 5:1 with CBD concentration of 17%. Some phenotypes have ratios of up to 30:1. Lower ratios can also be bred like a balance of CBD: THC 1:1. Whichever ratio you pick should be dependent on your desired effects.

11) Harlequin

The CBD concentration goes up to 16% and a ratio of 5:2. It is potent for pain and anxiety. This strain has an earthy musk with a sort of sweet mango undertone.

12) CBD Therapy

This is a strain developed by CBD Crew. It has a ratio of 20:1 with a CBD concentration of more than 10%. It has been found that growing this strain indoors with artificial lighting yields better results than the alternative.

Get Some Dirt Between Your Nails

Growing CBD rich strains is almost completely similar to growing regular plants. This is a chance for you to become a ‘green thumber’. Gardening is actually quite relaxing. Once you have learned the essentials of gardening, all will be dandy.

The plants should be grown in temperate locations with ample lighting. Your growing medium should have enough nutrients for your plants. You must check regularly for mold, mildew, illness, and pests.

Thankfully, cannabis growers are a generous lot. They share all their tricks and secrets for healthy and CBD rich plants.

Warm and Dry

In 2011, a study was conducted on industrial hemp. The aim was to find out if there are any particular conditions, which favored the plants for maximum production of CBD. Two factors were found.

The first is temperature. It was found that a soil temperature of about 70°F was optimum for CBD production. It was also found that CBD rich strains did not like being wet.

Increased precipitation had a deterrent effect on CBD production. While your plant should not be left completely dry, it should only be given enough to survive but not to drown.

Choose Suitable Lineage

In addition to these factors, You must also think about genetics. This is supposed to be a human thing but it turns out for the most CBD rich strain, you must choose suitable parents.

While there is less than a 75% chance that the strain will produce a CBD rich phenotype, it is best to advance your cause by picking CBD rich strains to grow from.

The older strains had more than enough THC in them and are therefore not advisable. The newer ones have been crossbred over time to achieve high concentrations of CBD and are therefore better mummies and daddies.

Test and Save for Future Generations

The plants should be tested while young so that you can find out if they are CBD rich. This way, if they are not you can get rid of them and focus on your plants that are.

Once it has been established that your strain is CBD rich, you should be careful to preserve the seeds. Your plant would make a great mother strain for the next batch you plant. This is how CBD concentration is increased in the strains grown over time.

Why Grow It Yourself?

It is possible to buy strain specific products like e-liquids and CBD oils. However, if it is for long-term use and there is space to do it, it is just better to grow. It saves on money.

You will also be assured of the quality. You will know that the cannabis you are using is free of pesticides and other harmful elements. Not to mention how beautiful the flowers will look in your garden. Most plants flower within nine weeks.


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