How to Increase The Bioavailability of CBD

Improve the Function of Your Endocannabinoid System to Improve the Bioavailability of CBD

Bioavailability is the physiologic availability of a particular dose as distinct from its chemical potency.

For example, if 3 mg of a drug is ingested, the whole 3 mg will not be available for use by your body. As some of it will be extricated through physiological processes.

However, this level is affected by a few things like method of administration. By following the suggestions outlined in this article, you will be able to increase the bioavailability of CBD!

How The Method of CBD Administration Impacts Bioavailability

How the Type of CBD Product Impacts Bioavailability

Intravenous administration offers 100% bioavailability. This is because the whole amount is delivered right into the blood stream.

In the case of rectal administration, only half of the drug will go through the first pass metabolisms. This is because only some of the vessels in the rectum lead to the liver.


Transdermal offers 80% bioavailability with a slow absorption and prolonged duration of action.

Please note the difference between transdermal and topical.

A CBD topical is only skin-deep, while a Transdermal CBD product reaches the blood vessels under your dermal layers.  

With CBD, most favor sublingual and inhalation (vaping) as these administration methods bypass your metabolism. So the effects are almost immediate.

By taking a cannabidiol tincture sublingually, the CBD is absorbed into your blood stream through the vessels under your mouth.

Inhalation such as by vaping CBD, the CBD goes directly to your lungs, which are rich in vessels and veins. Because of this, vaping CBD provides the quickest rate of absorption.

Orally administered CBD is broken down then delivered to the liver where the first pass effect takes place. This is a pre-systemic metabolism en route to the site of action.

The effect is measured by extraction ratio. This ration can be affected by chemical instability, which would influence absorption of the CBD.

The size of the particle to be absorbed also matters a lot. This is why it is preferred to take the cannabinoid in the CBD form as opposed to the CBDa form.

CBDA is an acidic form of CBD, and is considered inactive. CBD is the raw activated form of CBDA, so when you heat CBDA it becomes CBD.

The structure of the CBD product also matters.

Diluents are used in the case of oils and other liquids. Excipients are used in the case of pills.

The compression pressure of these pills should not make the product too tightly bound that it becomes difficult to absorb.

The administration method should be a personal choice.

However, preference and comfort should not come before bioavailability.

You should think about how much of the CBD would be made available first before thinking about how fun it will be to snack on CBD cookies.

Your endocannabinoid system is responsible for CBD mechanism. Through enhancement of this system, bioavailability will be positively impacted.

There are ways to enhance the bioavailability by influencing the activity of your endocannabinoid system.


How Exercise Can Improve the Bioavailability of CBD

Physical activity up regulates receptors and enhances receptor sensitivity so that they are more receptive.

In fact, there is a hypothesis that the endocannabinoid system is partly or wholly attributable for what’s known as a runner’s high. Which is a state of euphoria experienced after a run.

It is a complete turnaround in mood for a more excitable state.

A study was conducted with trained male college students, that were put on treadmills and stationary bikes.

The activity ran for 50 minutes at a heart rate of 70-80 % of the maximum.

Afterwards, results of the tests showed an increased level of anandamide in their blood plasma. However, further research is required to ascertain the nature and mechanism of endocannabinoid response.

Cold Showers

Enhance Your Endocannabinoid System with a Cold Shower to Improve CBD Bioavailability

How strange is this, right?

Well, it has been found that cold exposure can significantly up regulate your endocannabinoid system. Taking a cold shower helps to increase the endocannabinoid levels and density of CB1 neurons.

A study was conducted to look into this idea.

It was found that cold exposure lead to increased activity of Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT).

The BAT is responsible for energy expenditure, so low BAT activity will directly bring about aging and obesity.

An increase in endocannabinoid activity was realized through up regulation of BAT activity.


Osteopathy is a holistic practice based on manipulation and massage of skeleton and musculature.

Studies have found that after a treatment, you can experience more than a 150% increase in your endocannabinoid levels.

The practice takes advantage of the dynamic interaction between body, mind, and soul.

It usually constitutes a lifestyle change and massages. In some cases, it might involve some supplements.

Stress Management

Manage Your Stress to Help Improve the Bioavailability of CBD

Stress causes production a hormone called cortisol.

High levels of cortisol causes a reduction in your cannabinoid receptors. It also causes a lower cannabinoid binding ability in addition to a lower endocannabinoid level.

Essentially, high levels of stress can directly impact CBD’s ability to bind to you endocannabinoid system.

By taking action to help reduce your overall levels of stress, it can really work wonders on the effects you experience with CBD as a result of improving the activity of your endocannabinoid system.

This will then help to increase bioavailability.

Dark Chocolate

Improve Your Bioavailability of CBD by Eating Dark Chocolate

What a delicious suggestion!

Dark chocolate has been found to contain the endocannabinoid anandamide.

In addition to this, it also contains some compounds that work to slow down the process of breaking down anandamide.

Chocolate is also a stress reliever in the sense that it reduces the level of cortisol in your body. So by eating dark chocolate, you will not only be supplying your endocannabinoid system with anandamide, it can also help to reduce your levels of stress that will only further enhance the bioavailability of CBD.


Alcohol Weakens the Endocannabinoid System and the Bioavailability of CBD

Most lifestyle professionals will advise a downward adjustment in the amount of alcohol you consume.

A little bit of wine is good for digestion but in excess, alcohol dampens your endocannabinoid system and reduces endocannabinoid signaling.

This is why you are asked to give the alcohol a break when under treatment. The drugs will require the endocannabinoid system to work at full capacity.

So if you are really serious about improve the overall functionality of your endocannabinoid system to help improve the bioavailability of CBD, you should cut back your alcohol consumption.

How Your Diet Can Improve The Bioavailability of CBD

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Your body cannot make endocannabinoids without omega 3. But your body is unable to make omega 3 on its own so it relies entirely upon your diet to supply it.

A study was conducted in 2011 where mice were found to develop broken down cannabinoid receptors due to a deficiency of Omega 3.

Omega 3 can be found in fish, but that’s not all as Omega 3 fatty acids are also present in some plants.

However, phenolic omega 3 is difficult to break down.

Soy beans and flax seeds are excellent sources of plant omega 3. There are also dietary supplements on the market that help with this issue in the event you cannot access these.

You should aim to achieve a balance between omega 6 and omega 3. They are both important fatty acids.

Vegetable Oil

CBD is not water-soluble, and instead it’s fat soluble so it’s best dissolved in oil or butter.

Vegetable oil offers the best backdrop for CBD products. A study was conducted where it was found that CBD has a high affinity to chylomicrons, which are particles in your small intestine.

Chylomicrons transport lipids to your blood stream through the lymphatic system. This means that through these organisms, CBD can bypass your liver and consequently, the first pass effect.

However, CBD would have to be dissolved in dietary lipids to allow for effective transport through the lymphatic system.

The more oil there is, the more lymph flow there is. This would effectively increase the bioavailability of CBD products.


Flavonoids are phytonutrients.

The level of the polyphenolic compounds is directly proportional to the amount of pigment. This means that the more colorful the fruit or vegetable, the more flavonoids it contains.

These compounds inhibit FAAH, which is an element that breaks down endocannabinoids like anandamide.

A higher level of anandamide means a stronger endocannabinoid system and receptor network. This also means a higher ability for CBD to bind and work through your cannabinoid receptors.

Tweak Bioavailability Not Your Dosage

An increase in bioavailability means that you can take a lower dose and still benefit immensely. This in turn means a lower cost.

An increased bioavailability also means that your endocannabinoid system is working at higher capacity.

A better working endocannabinoid system is a great precursor to good health, as you will be less prone to opportunistic diseases.

None of the above measures are anything you have to go out of your way for, as they are regular things that doctors advise for better health.

Increasing CBD bioavailability just happens to be one more reason to make more health conscious decisions.


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