How to Improve Your Quality of Sleep with CBD

CBD Oil for Sleep

The human race goes through life trying to fit the demanding chores and activities into a short window, resulting in less and less sleep.

While you are walking around thinking you are productive because you got things done in the night while the world snoozed. The truth is you are much less productive for skipping out on sleep, as sleep is an important part of life.

It should be scheduled into the day just like any other significant activity like breakfast or lunch.

How Much Sleep Should You Get?

How Much Sleep Should You Get Each night?

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and there is a standard amount of time to sleep for people of different ages.

The National Sleep Foundation developed the standard after a two-year study. However, you should listen to your body. You may personally need more sleep, while others can function at maximum capacity with an hour less.


It is advisable to stay away from getting less sleep, as sleep is an opportunity for your body and brain to heal through rest. It is best to allow for maintenance of mental and physical wellbeing.

What Could Happen Without Sleep?

To reiterate its importance, the numbers come into play. 35.3% of adults reported having less than 7 hours of sleep each night.

The recommended amount of sleep each night is 7 hours and above for anyone above the age of 18.

For that reason, mistakes occurred. 100,000 deaths every year occur with sleep deprivation as the bottom line. This number seems almost ridiculous, but the truth is it is probably higher.

In 2003, a study was done on sleep deprived people and others who had lost up to 6 hours every night for 14 nights.

It was found that their cognitive functions were impaired, while their immune system also deteriorated leaving them susceptible to disease.

In 1989, the University of Chicago observed rats die after weeks without sleep. It was thought that they died from disease after their immune systems were broken down.

Years later in 2012, a Chinese soccer fan dies after staying awake for 11 days to enjoy the game. The internet is riddled with such stories, which only goes to urge on the importance of sleep.

Additional Complications That Arise From Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause a myriad of problems. In addition to being groggy, you will eventually experience difficulty in other facets of your life.


Stress Due to Lack of Sleep

A research study was conducted where two groups were slated to take a simple test. One group was kept up all night while the other rested.

In the morning the sleepy group had trouble completing the simple test. The subjects exhibited high blood pressure and stress.

This same effect would occur during regular everyday activities. One example is you would find yourself taking longer to get dressed.


In relation to stress, cortisol is produced during such periods, and cortisol will go ahead and break down collagen.

Collagen is an element that maintains the elasticity of skin. With that put out of commission, you would eventually develop wrinkles before your time.

So if you notice your skin quality deteriorating, you may want to look at your sleep schedule and make adjustments to see if improvements occur.


Being tired and sleepy over a long period of time causes you to view neutral or harmless stimuli in a negative way. The result is overreaction to mundane things, thus road rage and other social misbehaviors that are less likely to irritate you when operating on the right amount of sleep.

Attention Span

A study was done with one sleep deprived group and another well rested one. The subjects were supposed to press a button upon sighting of a light.

No surprise, the sleep deprived group found it difficult to keep up while the well-rested subjects excelled.

Take this and put it in a traffic situation where you have road rage and is also unable to concentrate on the road and traffic lights. See how the 100,000 deaths we mentioned earlier could be higher?


Obesity Caused by Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep messes with the hormone that communicates satiety, this therefore leads you to overeat without ever realizing that you have had enough. As a result, overeating for a long period of time can lead to unwanted weight gain and even obesity.

A Harvard study suggested a difficulty in differentiating between high and low calorie foods when sleepy.


This does not necessarily refer to romantic relationships but all relationships in general.

In 2013, scientists from UC Berkeley presented evidence that a sleep-deprived person would have trouble relating and appreciating their loved ones.

This would throw a wrench in the works and cause friction and maybe separation.

Impact on The Economy

Statistics have demonstrated the significant effect of reduced productivity on the economy. There are also massive sleep related issues and healthcare expenses that are also topped on the economic plate.

How to Make Your Sleep Affair Easier

Improving Sleep Quality with Cananbidiol (CBD)

You should aim to keep your circadian rhythm on track at all times. Nothing should interrupt it and if it is interrupted, measures should be taken to ensure the biological clock recovers.

There are measures to take besides simply planning to sleep.

You should have a sleep schedule and stick to it, doing so trains your body to know that a certain time is meant for sleep.

It also reduces the amount of time you will toss and turn before you fall into slumber, you could also develop your own personal soothing sleep time ritual.

Usually this is saved for children but it is incredibly effective on adults too. The ritual could be anything from some jazz to quiet time with some warm milk in hand.

Lifestyle is also a major factor in ensuring you get good quality sleep. Not only will you have enough hours of sleep, the sleep is also restful.

Exercise and a good diet are key. However, you should be careful about the timing. Exercise too close to bed time will only rejuvenate your brain. So you should stay away from caffeine and alcohol before bedtime too.

The room should be quiet, dark and the temperature just right. Light interrupts the circadian rhythm and tells your body it is time to wake up.

This is why you are woken up by the sun rays seeping through the curtains. Your bed should also be comfortable, if you’re spending 1/3 of your life sleeping you should spend the money on a high quality mattress.

On that note, the bed should not be a place to chill out during the day and watch movies or such. Those activities allow the brain to think there is room for other activities besides sleep on the bed.

What to Do Before Seeking CBD Treatment

Speaking with Your Doctor before using CBD for sleep treatment

Before you seek CBD to ease your sleep problems, please ensure to visit a specialist so that a few things are ruled out.

An underlying medical issue could be the culprit for your sleeping problems. It could also be a sleep disorder which is usually arrested by medical means.

In other cases, the problem is a side effect of incorrect medication in which case the physician should know of prescription for a different course.

Action of CBD

If the lack of sleep is not caused by any of the above reasons, then you can seek out CBD in place of your usual sleeping pills.

The sleeping pills may cause dry mouth, tingling limbs, lack of appetite and even addiction. So It is best to stay away from these as much as possible.

CBD will combat sleep deprivation by addressing the causes and symptoms. A Brazilian study showed the therapeutic potential of CBD against sleep deprivation and disorders.

Cannabidiol increases onset and more time spent in the deep sleep phase, resulting in a better quality of sleep.

Let’s now look into a few complications that can complicate your ability to fall asleep at night, and how CBD can be used to help minimize their effects to help you finally get a full night’s rest!


Cannabidiol is a very effective anxiolytic. It works well in releasing you from the shackles of your own tangled nerves.

This is done by interacting with all the necessary hormones and receptors to ensure all is well enough to allow rest.


Who would be able to close their eyes and drift with a nagging pain on the body? No one, is the answer.

The analgesic effects of CBD take care of this problem then send you on their merry way to dreamland.

Daytime Sleep

Most of the time, you will be unable to fall asleep at night because you got drowsy during the day and grabbed a nap.

While this is frowned upon by the sleep police, it is out of our control sometimes. CBD will stimulate alertness during the day ensuring you save the sleep for an appropriate time.


The biological clock likes to ring loudly letting you know that you have been around for way too long. And one of the symptoms of menopause is sleep problems.

CBD has been found to be potent against all the other symptoms like hot flashes that would lead to difficulty sleeping. CBD will engage estrogen to ease menopausal symptoms.

Bladder Over Activity

It would be very difficult getting enough rest when you have to get up to relieve yourself frequently throughout the night. It is annoying and disruptive to say the least.

Studies on animals and trials have shown evidence that CBD would combat this problem. It has already shown promise with respect to incontinence with evidence suggesting that CBD maintains bladder contractility.


Upon interaction with an irritant, histamines are produced then the symptoms of an allergy develop. This may make it very hard for you to sleep.

CBD works to ensure these histamines are not produced, acting as an antihistamine of sorts.


While traveling may be great and adventurous, you may often be left with insomnia among other symptoms.

CBD resets the circadian rhythm so that you are able to fall asleep. It also works to eliminate all the other symptoms.

How to Use CBD for Better Sleep

How to Improve Your Quality of Sleep with CBD

There are many ways to deliver CBD into your system. Whatever method used, you must ensure to administer the correct dosage.

If there are other medications in play, it is strongly advised that you first consult with your physician before throwing CBD into the course of treatment. A newbie should start with the lowest possible dose then adjust as desired until you begin to feel results.

CBD Oil and Tincture

This is incredibly versatile, as CBD can be used both orally and topically. Some people like to have some chamomile tea or warm milk as part of their bedtime ritual.

In this case, a few drops of a CBD oil tincture in your beverage will achieve the desired results.

Cannabidiol Edibles

It is best that you take some time between a meal and bedtime. In this case, a CBD infused dinner would kick in just fine by the time bedtime rolls around. Other CBD edibles are allowed. You should be careful not to commit a ‘food versus sleep’ faux pas.

Do What Fits Best

There are other CBD products to try of course, but you should find the mode of delivery that works best for you personally.

Millions of people are walking around in a sleep-deprived state, while CBD is an effective way to combat this that does not bring the baggage of side effects.


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