Dissolvable CBD: Edibles on a Whim

Dissolvable CBD Edibles On a Whim

Imagine mixing some oil into some water. It would take a great deal of whisking to get the oil and water to result in some semblance of harmony. Even when left for a bit, you will notice tiny rivulets of oil forming.

The oil and water will want to keep away from each other. The same happens with CBD. Cannabinoids are very water shy, they do not dissolve in water at all. This is why it is always advised that one use a fatty base for better absorption into the body.

Another thing to think about is the slight odor or taste that prevails in CBD infused meals. It may not be pronounced but you can taste it at the back of your mouth. Some people appreciate that earthy aroma but others do not.

Stir it InOil In Water

Dissolvable CBD has been around for about three years, it has been developed by nanotechnology. One of the greatest things about this new product is the fact that it does not compromise the quality of the product.

Apart from the powder, you can also get fast dissolving pills. These make for great emergency aids due to the fast action of the product. How wonderful that people who have trouble swallowing can also get a piece of the CBD action, not to mention, children. Children normally hate the thought of pills, the taste is so hard to forget.

A fast dissolving pill wraps up the CBD quite nicely for the child to reap from. The water-soluble CBD pills disperse within five seconds. This same technology has been used in manufacturing CBD water.



The process starts with a high-quality distillate. The next step involves making the distillate into a solution of sorts with an emulsifier. The distillate is broken down into coated nanoparticles. They are coated with elements called surfactants. The next step is drying, the excess moisture is pulled out of the emulsion over a span of a few days. This part of the process can be moved along with the use of an oven. The two-step process is done now.

Now you can use the water-soluble CBD as desired, but you must be very careful with the dosing. The bioavailability is higher which means that the calculations must be adjusted for that.


It has been found that the body only retains about 10% of vitamins. The rest is filtered out. This means that the bioavailability of CBD would not go so far past that level. This is owed to two issues.

The first is inability for cannabinoids to dissolve in water, the composition of blood is more than two-thirds water. This means that while some of the CBD may be absorbed, not a lot of it.

The second issue is the first pass effect, this is especially deterrent when the CBD is administered by mouth. Using a water-soluble CBD product ensures that you can evade both of these issues. The CBD comes into effect right from the get-go.

The absorption process starts through the oral mucosa and is absorbed into the bloodstream all the way down. Due to this, it is estimated that the bioavailability of water-soluble CBD can be as high as 100%. You will experience relief within twenty minutes and the effects will last for four hours.

  • Dosing

Due to the full absorption, you will need to readjust the baseline you had established. With this product, you are able to better measure doses. No more trying and failing many times because you cannot find the sweet spot for.

With a bioavailability of 100%, if you take 25 mg of CBD that is how much your body will use. Not a measly 2.5 mg of the entire dose. This brings you the affordability angle. You will be buying less product because you need less. CBD is expensive, you will need to save as much as possible.

  • Instant Edibles

You have a powder that does not need to be infused in oil first before using to make that delicious meatloaf. That simplifies things significantly. First, it will reduce the prep time. You will also enjoy the benefit of being able to sprinkle however much you want on the food without bringing on a taste of herb. Also, you can turn things into CBD edibles on a whim just for the hell of it.

Having a smoothie then develop a headache midway? Sprinkle some dissolvable CBD on the rest of your smoothie. Your pain will be gone by the time you get to the bottom of that tumbler. Run out of CBD water? Make your own with some dissolvable CBD powder in regular water. CBD was quite versatile and flexible before but this brings a whole new degree of versatility to the product.

PrecautionTake Precaution When Buying CBD

There have been many companies announcing a shiny new water-soluble CBD product. Only for users to find out later that they really are not soluble. One must, thus, take some precautions to ensure they are not conned and are safe.

  • The first thing to think about is the emulsifier. This has to be food grade. It cannot leave some strange elements in the product. Getting a product whose process included the correct emulsifier is one notch on the safety scale.
  • Next are the process and equipment. The process can be quite arduous and time-consuming. The equipment required might prove too much for the company so they decide to compromise a little bit. Find out about this process. Remember that CBD is not legalized by the federal government. So the manufacturing process of such a product would not be regulated by the authority.
  • In relation to the process, there should be an allergen report among other tests. These are usually pretty easy to read. Yet, if you are confounded the internet is a good place for you to seek a better understanding of the terms encountered.
  • This applies to all CBD products; find a company that prides itself on transparency. A company that will gladly and freely provide test results and information on the process of breaking down CBD distillate. They will let the users into the process and outline every step they undertake. Try to find companies like these.

Long Lasting

According to an expert, water-soluble CBD mixed into water could stay unaffected by light or heat for up to a year. If, and only if, the process was done right. The strides the CBD industry is taking towards making CBD mainstream are astounding. So many great things happening in the CBD landscape. The future is exciting.


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