CBD and Hemp in the Third Industrial Revolution

Third Industrial Revolution: CBD and Hemp

Given the circumstances nowadays, it seems that some people find it difficult to gauge the trustworthiness of certain CBD products — since such products are primarily sold online on web-based ecommerce platforms.

In addition, CBD products can be found in health food stores, vitamin shops, nutraceutical markets, etc.

From this, often times, staff members may have limited knowledge on these modern hemp-based products.

Nevertheless, the keyword to focus on is modern and for many reasons.

For one thing, in these modern times, things move very quickly. Business is changing and changing fast.

Consumers have finally been given the ability to hold just as much relevance and power as the products being sold.


Therefore the emphasis to market a product with factual evidence and proof of effectiveness is just as crucial as ensuring the consumer experience is met with guaranteed satisfaction and a pleasant experience end-to-end.

Altogether, the goal seems to be that we must attract consumers who are not just happy customers but also loyal, advocates for your brand.

In the CBD Industry, we now find that a much smaller percentage of consumers who may have felt that some CBD products were not trustworthy is becoming increasingly less and less of a concern.

While a small number of CBD products lack the required validity, more and more are exhibiting reliability in the marketplace.

Overall, CBD products are proving to be very effective for many consumers.

Not to mention, when observing the state of our social reality and all the activity we are experiencing from an economic digital transformation, the circumstance of consumers feeling apprehensive shopping online is something that will surely fade away entirely.

At the same time, perhaps consumers will likely have no choice but to adapt at a quicker pace, because whether they like it or not, ecommerce is the future and the future is now.

So, in retrospect, these consumers will be urged to adapt to the online digital realm no matter what they are shopping for.

Even though, more and more consumers are simply just open and willing to move forward into the future times of fully embracing the digital world.

The Role of Hemp in The Future

The Role Hemp Will Play in the Future

CBD is not the only valuable resource that hemp can be used for.

There are an endless amount of applications that hemp can be applied to, in order for creating replacement product materials — it is safer, stronger and more efficient in every way when compared to wood, plastic, metal, etc.

Even the material used in bulletproof vests known as Teflon can be replaced by a hemp based product.

From what I have been able to learn about this miraculous plant, I’ve learned how hemp can be made into an alternative material or substance for endless products.

Once you are able to fully comprehend the versatility of hemp, it grows increasingly more obvious just how it is literally one of the biggest opportunities of the entire 21st century — for individuals and our society as a whole.

Some might disagree that we are currently living in the beginning stages of a Fourth Industrial Revolution characterized by artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, nanotechnology, autonomous transportation by air, land and sea.

Then again, think of the effect hemp could have with the combination of 3D Printing and the emergence of 4D Printing.

Perhaps we should look towards the Third Industrial Revolution first.

Third Industrial Revolution Mastermind

jeremy rifkin on hemp and the third industrial revolution

American social theorist, Jeremy Rifkin, is an economic advisor to the European Union and the People’s Republic of China, and a principal architect of their plans to build a social infrastructure.

He is the author of about 20 books and counting, in which all communicate life-changing and perspective altering ideas and messages.

For instance, some of the books Rifkin wrote include, European Dream, The Zero Marginal Cost Society and The Third Industrial Revolution.

Ultimately, Jeremy Rifkin has been hired by the entire leadership of the European Union and the #1 economy in the world, China — advising them all on how to build a contemporary economic structure and implement a social system based on the Internet of Things (IoT), stimulating the whole of the global economy through network commerce — a sharing economy he refers to as the centerpiece of the “Third Industrial Revolution.”

In reference to personal experience, while studying Sociology during Graduate School, Jeremy Rifkin wrote a number of insightful books that changed my entire perspective on the world.

So, don’t be so quick to dismiss his ideas because nearly every major economic power is consulting with him on how to survive the global crisis that most Americans seem to avoid acknowledging.

Either way, if we listen to his proposed concepts, like China and the E.U. are currently doing, we can likely survive.

Jeremy Rifkin has an endless amount of accurate information extremely vital for all of us to consider as the necessary criteria to live in a more sustainable future.

It is recommended to fact check the statistical information Rifkin shares, simply because this action proves his message to be that much more meaningful as the accuracy reveals itself.

Rifkin uses real world examples more so than any other news organization or information-providing website.

Finally, the proper info is being presented to the masses in his documentary film, appropriately titled “The Third Industrial Revolution.”

While this feels refreshing, the picture Rifkin paints of what our world has become is rather depressing and quite bleak unfortunately.

Nevertheless, Rifkin is a master researcher and will be celebrated worldwide in the future.

Furthermore, it is necessary to highlight the fact that the industrial hemp resource fits perfectly into the economic structure that Rifkin describes.

Rifkin has recently wrote:

“The deployment of the smart infrastructure will involve virtually every industry—the telecommunication and cable industry, power and electricity transmission companies, the information and communication technology sector, the electronics industry, the construction and real estate industry, transportation and logistics, the manufacturing sector, agriculture and more. It will employ millions of semi-skilled, skilled and professional workers. The new digital American infrastructure, in turn, makes possible the new business models that characterize the shift to a smart new economic paradigm and a climate friendly low-carbon economy.”

Intro of Hemp and CBD into The Third Industrial Revolution

Hemp and CBD: The Third Industrial Revolution

There is soon to be an even bigger CBD and Hemp explosion in the modern economy, that is, if the giant industrial powers do not interfere — trying to predict something like that is nearly impossible.

I’m gonna go ahead and say they are absolutely going to at least try to profit off of the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry as well as the rising hemp industry.

The CBD industry is gaining more and more approval, due to it’s undeniable effectiveness for medical issues and also from all the potential alternatives offered by hemp.

According to many top economists and social theorists, everything comes back to fossil fuels when you look at all the social problems in America.

If it can be fixed overnight with Hemp, then the powerful titans of Big Business who hold a stake in fossil fuel industries, which is probably our entire economy, should be hopefully preparing or actively investing in hemp.

These industrialists will not, by any means, just step aside and accept that they may have lost.

In the Big Oil, Big Energy and Big Pharma Industrial microcosms are not conditioned to lose in the game of economics.

As a matter of fact, it is worth mentioning that the reason the expression “too big to fail” is extremely crucial to fully understand what it reveals to us.

Too Big To Fail reveals to us that these giant industries are major pillars to the American economic structure.

Basically, these industries prop up the entire economy.

So the American economy is reliant on these major industrial players, they aren’t gonna step aside… it pisses me off but I respect their hard ass attitudes of relentless inability to grasp the meaning behind ethics and logic.

There’s something about these types of rational and impulsive attitudes that are definitively American and nothing else

Of course, the FDA is at the head of this censorship campaign to silence the CBD Industry.

Trying to hold onto or hide information that can surely be advantageous for millions of people, is entirely the opposite type of actions we were raised to embrace and share.

CBD could be viewed by many corporate interests as a massive threat to the entire economic stability of America as well as the flawed American health care system.

Most Americans are fed up with both the economy and health care, so wouldn’t it seem like the best decision to keep the American people well-informed?

That is surely a cute concept, if only that is how things truly worked.

Complicated Circumstances

However, what is somewhat confusing is that our entire economy runs on fossil fuels, from Big Energy to Big Pharma to Big Agriculture, nearly every major industrial powerhouse is reliant on fossil fuels.

These main pillars of our economic structure can not just step aside and chalk up a loss.

How would that even work?

These industries will refuse to lose and never disappear.

Somehow, hemp needs to be inserted into the engine of our capitalist system, but how is this transition going to even occur without creating a massive disruptive economic mess?

Accepting Hemp

In due time, more and more people must agree to embrace the hemp industry takeover, since it has already begun to fuel the rest of this century as the one unlimited natural resource we can use to repair our bodies, our lands and our civilization overall.

Hemp is crucial to the CBD Industry since it is the main source of where cannabidiol is extracted from.

Confusing a number of consumers to the point of not knowing the true legality of buying such products countrywide.

Therefore, so far it has been reported that 18 states have adopted some form of regulatory processes for their state’s hemp industry and Mitch McConnell is passing federal legislation to remove hemp from the Schedule 1 Narcotics list.

The Many Uses Of Hemp


  • Inspiration
  • Brushes
  • Paints
  • Canvas
  • Twines/Yarns


  • Fiber composites
  • Fuel
  • Lubricants
  • Plastics
  • Upholstery


  • Lantern oil
  • Rigging/Ropes
  • Sails
  • Deck Sealer and Stain


  • Clothing
  • Body oil
  • Soaps
  • Dyes (henna)
  • Jewelry
  • Construction:
  • Hemp Board
  • Beams
  • Heavy duty bags
  • Plaster
  • Rope
  • Sealers


  • Sheets
  • Towels
  • Tables
  • Twine
  • Chairs
  • Napkins
  • Curtains
  • Wall covers


  • Hemp Farming
  • Hemp Companies
  • Hemp Shoppers
  • Clean Air
  • Clean Soil
  • Clean Water


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