How to Successfully Treat Your Diabetes with CBD

Treating Diabetes with CBD

Diabetes is a group of diseases whose root cause is some defect within the insulin hormone. This defect affects the way sugar becomes energy. The pancreas is what’s responsible for turning glucose into well-needed energy producing insulin.

There are four types of diabetes, classed according to their causes and insulin behavior. Type 1 is where little to no insulin is produced, resulting in too much sugar being present in your blood.

Type 2 is where insulin is produced but the body does not use it, as it should. This then causes the blood sugar to rise just like in Type 1.

Gestational diabetes is caused by drastic hormone changes, which leads to production of insufficient levels of insulin.

The last type is secondary diabetes, which is brought about by other medical conditions like cystic fibrosis. Another condition that does not amount to diabetes but is a major risk factor is known as Impaired Glucose Tolerance.

Which is a high blood sugar that has not graduated to diabetes yet, however, this might eventually lead to diabetes. In fact, it is also called pre-diabetes.

How Do You Know If You Have Diabetes?


Symptoms of DiabetesSymptoms of this condition can easily be ignored but shouldn’t. The first is excessive hunger and fatigue. Since sugar is just sitting in the system and not getting converted into energy, you will feel worn out.

Frequent urination is another major symptom.

What happens when you eat too much cake or sweets? You urinate more and experience more thirst, right?

This same thing happens when blood sugar rises. Due to dehydration, your body will be devoid of moisture thus delivering a dry mouth and itchy skin. The same also leads to swelling of the eye lenses, consequently, you can experience blurred vision.

Additional Baggage of Diabetes

Diabetic Neuropathy

Obesity especially paired with old age and a sedentary lifestyle will put you at a higher risk for diabetes. If your sister, brother, or parent is a diagnosed diabetic, you must make it a point to be tested since diabetes is a hereditary condition.

Diabetic neuropathy is when there is damage done to the nerves due to diabetes, and is thought to be caused by a combination of factors.

Exposure to high sugar levels weakens the capillaries, which supply nerves with oxygen and nutrients. As a result, an interference with transmission of signals occurs typically causing a loss of sensations.

Meaning you will be unable to feel injuries in your legs, especially. Some injuries also take time to heal and in the process can become infected.

Most diabetics lack sensation in their lower extremities and have tissue damage which can lead to amputation.

It is imperative that you observe due care by keeping weight at an optimum level, take all the necessary medications, exercise, perform foot care and other care guidelines.

With all these complications and side effects, fatality is imminent. You must do everything humanly possible to ensure things stay at a manageable level.

CBD Intervention for Diabetes Treatment

Using CBD to Treat Diabetes

Cannabidiol has so far proved to be quite versatile. With its potency against chronic pain among other uses, it is only prudent to look into how CBD can be used to help improve a diabetes situation.

Two aspects of diabetes need addressing; the malfunction itself and the bank of complications that comes with it.

A study by a research scientist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found presence of endocannabinoid receptors in the pancreas. Particularly, the islet cells.

Of more interest is the role of these cells in the production of insulin, but this is not to say that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for production of insulin. It is however crucial in the process!

This is good news for type 1 diabetics. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which help combat the buildup of sugar in the blood. This works towards improving the glucose metabolism in your body, which is helpful for type 2 diabetics too.

CBD on Insulin Production

CBD Impact on Insulin Production in Diabetics

Diabetes is synonymous with abnormal fasting insulin levels, insulin resistance, and low High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol.

The latter is a well-behaving cholesterol that keeps the bad cholesterol in check.

In 2013, American Journal of Medicine documented 16% lower fasting insulin levels and 17% lower insulin resistance in cannabis users.

It was also seen that the level of HDL-C was higher in this group. Another study also found that major players in the production of insulin were protected from damage by the presence of CBD.

Managing The Side Effects of Diabetes

Nerve Damage

Neuropathy as a side effect of diabetes is a major concern. In 2009, a study of rats with diabetic neuropathy revealed that CBD protected the liver from oxidative stress.

This is believed to be the biggest cause of diabetic neuropathy. It has been found that upon administration of CBD dead tissue is a staggering 30% smaller.

Eye Problems

Retinopathy is a condition that causes 12% of new blindness cases, and about 80% of diabetics have this condition.

Diabetic retinopathy is a breakdown of the retinal cells. In 2006, a study in the American Journal of Pathology showed the potency of CBD against retinal death. It also reduced the breakdown of the blood-retinal barrier.

Slow Healing Wounds

Due to nutritional deficits and nerve damage, injuries take longer to heal in diabetics. This opens up a whole new complex issue with respect to infections.

CBD has long since been known to speed up the healing process of wounds. This will ensure a diabetic does not suffer severe infections from injuries.


Obesity is a major risk factor if you are diagnosed with diabetes. It is much harder to lose weight for a diabetic because of the high cholesterol in their bodies.

In 2003, a study associated cannabis users with smaller waists. Another study in 2012 on obese rats observed that the weight was lost pretty quickly. Showing that CBD does provide some benefits for weight loss.

CBD affects the food desiring parts of the brain, it inspires feelings of satiety. This helps keep other possible conditions like high blood pressure at bay.

Mental and Psychological Health

Diabetes is a lifetime disease, that can bring about depression and suicidal thoughts. CBD will stimulate production of feel good hormones through the endocannabinoid receptors. After dosing yourself with CBD, you will experience a general feeling of wellness.

Reports by the Masses

Personal testimonials on the use of CBD for diabetics have encouraged more people to use it.

Doctors have reported witnessing drastic improvements in both the hemoglobin A1C and side effects. In fact, most people are giving up their side effect management therapies for CBD.

After a while, most patients have reported needing a downward adjustment of their insulin prescriptions.

Choosing CBD Products to Treat Your Diabetes

CBD Paste

This is said to be higher concentrated than most CBD products. For this reason, it is advised that you take it in small quantities. It is in pure form and comes in easy to use packaging. It is also among the most expensive CBD products.

It can be taken sublingually, which refers to the delivery through the capillaries (sublingual glands) under your tongue. A drop or two left to absorb into the blood circulation system for a few seconds will work great. Or it can also be used in recipes if that’s more your style.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

This product comes in varied concentrations, so you should choose a CBD percentage with a view to the intended use, mode of delivery and familiarity to CBD.

CBD oil can be used sublingually, which is typically done with a CBD tincture. However, you might want to swallow the residue with some water, as the taste of CBD oil can be unappealing or opt for a flavored tincture to mask the taste.

You can also infuse the CBD oil into your favorite beverages and foods. Or you can choose to rub a little oil on your temples for relief from a headache and a good night sleep.

Before committing to one particular brand, it’s important that you check on the extraction method.

Use of butane gas to extract pure CBD for marijuana makes for a cheaper product. This is however incredibly poisonous to the body. One should go for CO2 extraction as it is the safest method.

CBD Edibles: Keep Those Blood Sugar Levels Up

Giraffe Nuts CBD Caramels

Diabetics are advised to eat something every five hours, and it’s advised that you eat smaller meals that are more frequent.

This keeps the body from overworking to metabolize the food and keep a steady flow of energy.

Infusing your food and snacks with CBD only makes it better. It is a mild way for CBD newbies to enjoy the benefits for this wonder plant. This method of delivery is perfect for the many ways in which it can be achieved.

If you aren’t the best cook, no worries, as you can choose to buy pre-made CBD edibles from companies like


The very best thing about CBD capsules and pills is the variety of concentrations and convenience. You can choose a concentration of your exact preference. If adjustment is necessary, it will not be a shot in the dark but properly measured.

Vaping CBD

Koi CBD Vape Juice

This is a version of smoking that produces no smoke or tar. It has been said to be completely safe, especially in comparison to cigarettes.

There are varied flavors of CBD e-liquid on the market for vape enthusiasts.

This method is not suitable if you have neither vaped nor used CBD before, as it does not allow for calculated adjustments of dosage.

Exhaust All Relief Avenues for Diabetics

400 Million People in the world suffer from diabetes, and about 5 million deaths every year are as a result of diabetes.

The research into CBD for management of diabetes is scanty, and more needs to be done so that CBD can enter the list of approved remedies for diabetes management therapies. Maybe even funding to look into a cure for diabetes through CBD.

The story of CBD against diabetes is one worth telling. This will go a long way towards decreasing the number of amputations and better quality of life for diabetics in advanced stages.


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