Why The CBD Industry Desperately Needs Better Advocacy

Advocacy for CBD

One thing that must be understood is that by no means is this message trying to serve as a high-horse preaching doctrine nor is it a piece of propaganda. Now that this is out of the way, perhaps what this could certainly be viewed as, is an encouraged suggestion for attentiveness and a hopeful reminder to participate in one very crucial area.

Overall, when viewing the CBD industry as a whole, from within the community, there never seems to be a high-demand placed on the need for CBD advocacy.

In all, when compared to the other modern emerging industries disrupting the economic norm, such as the vaping industry, there has not been nearly as many active advocates forming independent organizations to represent each state like vapers have.

Considering this, advocates are vital for modern emerging industries, especially the vaping industry, the hemp industry, the cannabis industry and obviously also the cannabidiol (CBD) industry need to participate and prepare for the regulations soon-to-come.

Make no mistake, all of these industries are linked in one way or another and share many similar characteristics. These are rising industries yet also, each industry is being simultaneously attacked each day, week or month — depending on which industry it is.

Directly or indirectly these industries will experience a series of strategic and targeted economic attacks. The vaping industry is being attacked in broad daylight on a daily basis, every other hour.


Cannabis is witnessing sneak attacks on a large scale over 3 month spans where they will see nothing threatening — then suddenly, some strange political flank attack is launched.

On the other hand, the potential regulations forced onto the CBD industry will be a bit overwhelming. Keep in mind, this description is all hypothetical and perhaps exaggerated, but having lived to see the politically-motivated and highly restrictive regulatory overreach structured by the FDA to ultimately dismantle the Tobacco Harm Reduction vaping industry then you are taught a lesson about how the true free-market operates.

You learn quick that advocacy organizations, state-to-state are vital to your industrial survival. No worries, all will be explained.

What Would CBD Regulations Entail?

The Potential Look of CBD Regulations

Fueled by economic uncertainty and crony-capitalism, there could very well be some animosity brewing out in Corporate America. From within the CBD industry, it feels as if there is not much urgency to begin preparing for any sort of possible regulatory overreach.

There should be a enthusiastic CBD advocacy initiative already in place, actively communicating the message of the effectiveness and life-improving miracle that CBD has been thus far.

CBD consumers should be sharing all their testimonials the necessary steps toward resolving could unfortunately have a behind-closed-doors, unannounced attack that may seem slow, but it could also be a calculated and sudden attack where we might witness a systematic disassembling of the major sectors of the industry based on the hemp-extracted molecule of cannabidiol. CBD businesses and consumers may not even be informed. It could create mass confusion and regret.

In any event, all these industries mentioned above, just prior to the hypothetical regulatory overhaul of the CBD industry description, will always be closely connected relatives as they maintain a sense of autonomy. They will be forever intertwined, all for good reasons.

The Importance of Advocacy for CBD

Advocate for Cannabidiol (CBD)

Tobacco Harm Reduction based vaping has grown into a 10 billion-dollar industry and as many are well aware, the process of administering CBD by vaporizing is growing increasingly popular.

It is safe to say, hemp-based CBD which is steadily on the rise. Not to mention, here in Denver, it seems as if there is a new brand of cannabis-based CBD vape cartridges released every other week. Regardless, vaporizing is linked to CBD derived from hemp or cannabis. So, it becomes obvious that each industry needs advocacy.

The vaping industry which has been the most effective Tobacco Harm Reduction method the world has ever been fortunate enough to have access to, has allowed millions to quit smoking. Yet, on May 5th 2016 the FDA announced regulations that were threatening to practically eradicate the entire industry and the regulations were published and registered just days later.

Advocates from the vaping industry understand exactly what is at stake and how easily it can be taken away. Long story short, we have seen firsthand what can happen if there is the slightest bit of speculation of harm being perpetuated by a modern emerging industry selling consumer products.

The reality of that is it’s imperative to view these events by analyzing the current state of our social reality and dissecting the details that make-up the whole.

A breakdown of the elements to our societal functionality. General Systems Theory could suggest that a whole is equal to or less than the sum of its parts, depending on the academic discipline.

Nevertheless, what does this even mean? While it sounds quite vague, it’s actually very specific. We must consider this extremely significant quote, of “the answer to 99 out of 100 questions is always the same — money.”

Of course, the CBD industry has proven to be a highly profitable business opportunity. However, we need to also reflect on the fact that all those consumers CBD brands have been able to gain, this means that when consumers are gained by one industry, consumers are lost in other industries simultaneously.

How many CBD users were once consumers of pharmaceuticals? Many, so many that nearly every testimonial you read or hear likely highlights the actual name of the medication they were routinely prescribed by a physician or perhaps it may even be an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, anxiety meds, or any other type of drug store medicine — depending on the conditions being experienced by the consumer.

It is miraculous just how many people CBD products have essentially been able to help. So, the point here is that there are some major economic operators in the American social system generating anywhere from millions to billions of dollars that are undeniably becoming the recipients of a transitioning consumer-base.

The industries that have been accumulating such mass wealth will likely not welcome the experience of a depleting collection of consumers with actions that express congratulatory gratitude.

What is far more likely to occur is that these industries will respond by applying all of their major resources to steadily decrease or perhaps attempt to entirely eliminate the progress of their new modern competition.

Overall, it is assumed that the free market is a fair system, open to any and all of those who are the most qualified. Unfortunately, only now, in the wake of rising modern industrial game-changers, more and more people are beginning to realize just how much influence Big Business has on Big Government and vice-a-versa.

All the persistent lobbying on behalf of enormous industrial maestros is certainly a struggle to come to terms with, but the fact of the matter, is that the realm of how business operates in America is completely manipulated.

Therefore, our entire system of commerce is dictated greatly by heavy-handed decisions that become translated into highly restrictive regulations.

So many people all want to preserve the autonomy of the CBD industry and if we fail to act as a responsible community of CBD users and manufacturers, then those who write and enforce regulations will come through the doors in full force. Or, if a major industrial powerhouse grows weary, it will result in a major hijacking of the industry.

Particular CBD Brands could disappear overnight, targeted businesses would be shut down indefinitely, limitations could lead to legislative restrictions.

While we hope to never see anything like this ever occur and often do not typically enjoy reminding consumers of the reality that CBD could become unavailable or replaced. This is not even close to an exaggeration.

Does this all seem overly dramatic? Apologies, but to assume that this would be entirely impossible, would be a major mistake. Of course there are many factors to consider, yet it is very much realistic.

CBD Regulations Have Already Begun

Targeted regulations are becoming more and more specific by each state. A total of 18 states now have a regulatory system for hemp cultivation and the limitations on the amount of CBD one can possess.

Not to mention, these stipulations typically limit the criteria for obtaining CBD products, narrowed down to exact health diagnosis based on conditions and symptoms. It’s all happening now, so be weary and active by advocating for our rights as consumers or injustice will reign down.

If, perhaps, you are at all unfamiliar with the federal vaping regulations or if you doubt this urgent message, I would recommend you to contact any Vape Advocacy or Trade Organization and kindly ask them to tell you about the FDA regulations. Some nationally recognized U.S. organizations include, SFATA, CASAA, AVA, VTA. Ask them to inform you of the situation and they will be more than willing to describe the relentless struggle.

Therefore, the question then becomes, are we comfortable and capable to remain responsible enough to regulate ourselves? Or should we perhaps gamble on our apathy, sit back and wait for government agencies to overreach their powers? We cannot ignore the facts nor our common sense.

We cannot deny that the potential actions of federal government as well as state governments are all equipped with a collection of tools that have designed a regulatory framework established to aid the troubles of Corporate America.

This is not a cynical accusatory insult to Big Business or Big Government, this is simply an accurate interpretation of the truth so many have turned a blind-eye to.

US State Regulations of CBD and THC

The Role of Brands & Users of CBD

If we all do not play a part in this collective and cooperative system of self-regulation fueled by sharing as much information as possible amongst everyone involved with CBD, no matter if you are a provider or a user, then we could lose any feeling of autonomy we thought we could maintain.

Efficient communication must be a mandatory guideline for mutually-agreed participation and equal contribution.

This is a real chance for a microscopic compound to have an identifiable difference on the advancement of health and wellness. Don’t let unacceptable business practices pass as the standard operating procedure or we will all regret the lack of action and attitude of apathy we must all live with.

Guidelines and standards that all brands must abide-by, should be required and embraced. As a long-time vapor advocate, trust me when I say that in the long-run, you will be relieved to have followed this self-regulating industrial concept.

Any who do not follow these industry accepted standards, then consumer-advocates could be obligated to spread information throughout the community of the brand’s unwillingness to contribute by exposing the guilty to all CBD-business associates and consumers who make-up the entire global CBD advocacy community.

The consumers who need these products more than any others are relying on brands to maintain professionalism and set a good example for others to follow.

We must advocate and respect every organization that allows this contemporary industry to continue innovating and progressing society into the future — a future that far too many people still have trouble envisioning.

Education is a non-negotiable, necessary feature to any contemporary emergence of a product or service with the ability for reaching industrial potential and igniting social progress.

Try to participate and contribute in any way you can in order to avoid such severe regulations from ever happening to the cannabidiol industry.

Thus, if you do not advocate, educate, appreciate, and participate then perhaps one day you will be forced to witness friend’s lose their livelihoods and watch your family relocate, excavate, watch and essentially be told to evacuate, then ultimately conduct a career remake. This why we must advocate to control the hemp-based CBD fate.

Final Thoughts

What steps are you taking to advocate for the use of CBD to ensure this incredible molecule will not be taken away from those who so desperately need it? Let us know in the comments section below, and let’s all pledge to spread awareness and truthful information to show how truly incredible CBD actually is! Because when brands and consumers are held to high standards and each are held accountable to upholding those standards, the CBD industry will benefit as a whole.


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