Buying CBD: Do It Right The First Time

Buying CBD: Do It Right The First Time

Even though CBD has been proven to have a wide range of health benefits, there are many people out there who are still skeptical, mostly because it’s still a fairly new addition to the natural health market. 

However, as hemp is now legalized, we can expect social attitudes regarding CBD to warm up more than ever in the months to come.

Sadly, there are many people out there who don’t believe that CBD can indeed provide the relief they deserve simply because they didn’t purchase the right product for their specific needs. 

In case you haven’t noticed, CBD is booming right now, meaning that hemp-infused products are everywhere.  While it’s great that CBD is so accessible and affordable, its current mainstream popularity means that there are a lot of questionable companies producing low-quality products that have little if any positive effects.

If you want to try CBD in order to enjoy one of its many benefits, it’s crucial that you go about it correctly the first time. 

While there’s no exact science when it comes to treating your condition with CBD, as everyone’s body is different, there are still some general guidelines that you must follow in order to reap the hemp plant’s benefits to its full potential.


Luckily for you, we’ve created a very simple guide that will help get you started.  We’re going to discuss every component of a high-quality, highly effective CBD product so that you can make the very best purchase.

Research a Company Beforehand

As we already stated, there are so many CBD manufacturers out there right now.  Therefore, it’s safe to assume that a good portion of them just aren’t producing high-quality products.  Before you purchase a CBD product from a company, it’s imperative that you spend a good deal of time researching them first.

Thanks to the internet, researching a CBD manufacturer doesn’t have to be a complicated process.  These days, it’s not hard to find online reviews.  Search the company’s name in order to find legitimate reviews from consumers.  But, be aware that some companies pay for positive reviews in order to make their company look good.

You can also thoroughly investigate a company’s website.  Look for any fine print that may tell you that a product is not as potent as they’d like you to think that it is.  

Check the Extraction Process

There are a number of ways to extract CBD from the hemp plant.  The gold standard is the CO2 extraction process that involves combining hemp with liquid carbon dioxide at a low temperature before gradually increasing the heat. 

This method is widely considered the best because it most efficiently preserves the integrity of the plant’s many beneficial chemical compounds.

While there are other extraction methods out there, many of them just don’t produce a high-quality product.  For instance, alcohol-based extraction methods seem to deliver a weaker product overall. 

Also, be wary of companies that extract their CBD using high heat.  Extremely high temperatures render CBD virtually useless, meaning that it won’t do anything for you in terms of providing relief.

Look for Third-Party Lab Results

If a CBD company is legitimate, they’ll be proud to provide you with third-party lab results upon request.  Even better, they’ll have these results displayed on their website so that you don’t even have to ask.

Once CBD has been extracted and turned into a concentrate, it must be sent out to be tested.  Any good company will allow this testing to be performed by a third party.  This ensures an unbiased assessment of the CBD’s quality, purity and chemical structure.

If a company doesn’t have their CBD tested by a third party, it’s best to stay away from their products.  After all, they can easily claim its purity and potency without having to back it up with any legitimate information.  

Check the Other Ingredients

In today’s CBD market, we have access to a plethora of hemp-infused products that each serve their own unique purposes.  From oral tinctures to topical ointments, there’s truly a CBD product for every problem.

Because of the variety of CBD products that are available, many of them consist of hemp extract in addition to other ingredients.  Many reputable CBD companies use only organic, plant-based ingredients that don’t counteract the effects of CBD or damage your health.

However, questionable CBD companies may use ingredients that aren’t necessarily great for your body.  Watch out for any CBD companies that are using lots of hard-to-pronounce chemicals.  Also, thoroughly research any ingredients that sound unfamiliar to you as they may actually negate the positive effects of the plant.

Additionally, it’s wise to read the ingredients list in order to see where CBD stands among all of the additives.  If CBD or hemp is very low on the list of ingredients, you can be certain that you’re not going to get enough of the compound in order to experience its benefits.  For a truly effective product, the CBD should always be at the very top of the list of ingredients.

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate

There are three main types of CBD that you can purchase.  

CBD isolate

Isolate is pure, isolated CBD that’s free of the other compounds found in the hemp plant.  This type of CBD is best if you have a sensitivity to any of the other compounds that naturally exist within hemp’s chemical composition.

Broad spectrum

Broad Spectrum CBD contains all of the compounds in the hemp plant except THC, the psychoactive compound that makes marijuana a mind-altering substance. 

When you use broad spectrum CBD, you can enjoy a wide variety of healing properties that come from the plant’s unique chemical structure.  While THC has its own unique health benefits as well, some people wish to avoid it altogether because of its association with an illegal substance.

Full spectrum

Full Spectrum CBD is widely considered to be the most beneficial and effective form.  Because it contains all of the compounds in the plant, you can experience a wide range of health benefits.

Buy the Right Concentration

You may have noticed that CBD products come in a wide range of concentrations.  Typically speaking, the concentration that’s right for you is dependent on your body as well as the severity of the symptoms that you wish to address. 

For example, 10mg of CBD can help treat mild, localized pain while 1500mg of CBD can provide incredible pain relief throughout the body that lasts all day long.

Before purchasing a CBD product, ask yourself how much CBD you wish to consume with each dose.  The higher the concentration, the more likely you’ll feel a little drowsy for a while.  But, the lower the concentration, the less effective it will be in terms of providing relief.

Understand the Difference Between Consumption Methods

It’s important to select the right kind of CBD product as well.  For example, if you want something that can provide fast, short-lasting relief, opt for a CBD vape oil. 

If you wish for something that lasts for hours, try taking an edible CBD product or a CBD tincture.  And, if you want to treat localized pain or a skin condition, a topical CBD cream might be best.

Figure Out the Right Dose for You

How much CBD you should take depends on a few different factors.  First of all, your size has a lot to do with how much you need.  Like most medications, the more you weigh, the more you require per dose.

Also, everyone’s body is different, meaning that some people will experience relief with a small dose while others will need a dose twice the size. 

Experiment a little bit by starting with a small dose and building it up.  Many people who believe that CBD doesn’t work simply weren’t taking a high enough dose in order to feel its effects.

Trust the Process

If you’re going to invest in a CBD product, it’s important to go about it the right way.  With so many CBD products available, it’s easy to purchase a low-quality product that doesn’t help you in any way. 

By following this guide, you’ll be able to make the most educated choice in order to experience profound relief imaginable.


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