7 Novel Ideas for CBD Consumption That You Need to Try

Unique CBD Products You Need to Try

More than half of the American populace has access to marijuana without possible legal repercussions now! This means that more people have access to CBD.

Translated in the business sense, CBD business is booming and will continue to in the coming years. It is estimated that the CBD market will be a billion dollar market in the next 5 to 10 years.

Assurance of this comes from the competition among CBD product manufactures. There is a high level of competition through innovation and development of CBD products with new uses.

More and more companies are finding new ways to consume CBD every day.

The main aim is to make use of CBD for therapeutic purposes simple, convenient, and discreet for some. The result has been the rise of almost anything being infused with CBD.

So I think now is the best time to discuss some novel ideas for CBD consumption that you can try for yourself! All as I ask if you do try any of these ideas, please let us know how it went in the comments section below.

1) CBD Beer


CBD Beer

This is developed through rigorous taste testing and analysis of unique flavors, aromas, and chemical properties.

The process of brewing this beer is designed to find the safest way of incorporating CBD into beer with a view to each of the aspects.

CBD has been found to augment and complement the traditional beer ingredients.

This is not exactly a new product. It has just suffered many setbacks through the years and is only now settling into the consumer market.

Problems arose when the 2016 ruling came through and therefore most brewers resorted to using hemp instead of marijuana.

Studies have found that CBD beer induces a lower blood alcohol level than a CBD-less counterpart of the same capacity.

This means that one is able to better handle driving thus less risk of a car accident. But we certainly do not recommend driving after drinking beer or CBD infused beer.

Users have also reported engaging in less anxious overindulgence with CBD beer. The same have reported having little to no hangover symptoms the next day, which is a good thing!

Now you can enjoy alcohol without worrying about the aftermath.

Alcohol is metabolized in the liver and may cause some damage. CBD is a known therapy for alcohol induced liver problems.

It has been hypothesized that the CBD in CBD beer could abate liver damage from the alcoholic aspect of the beverage.

2) CBD Drinking Water

CBD Water

Pushing it a little bit? Maybe but this makes a world of sense especially for athletes!

They can hydrate while they work out and keep away the looming muscle aches that could come after an intense work out.

To do this at home, it is best to use CBD crystals as a tincture or oil might not dissolve in the water.

Store bought CBD water is a readymade solution, where most brands use nanotechnology. Which is a process that involves breaking the CBD molecules into tinier itty-bitty elements, which are then encased in the water molecules.

This technology provides an instant bioavailability thus causing effects to be experienced almost immediately.

The dosage can be found on the bottle so you would know exactly how much CBD you are consuming. Some brands also infuse terpenes into the water for a more enhanced benefit.

3) CBD Honey Stick

CBD Honey Sticks

Imagine having a bit of honey to suck on while out on errands or whatever. Honey is sticky so you cannot carry a jar and spoon around, as this would be messy and a little weird.

CBD honey sticks are a bunch of straws filled with CBD infused honey, often times in varying flavors.

Honey is termed a super food. Not only does it make for a delicious snack, it is also a much healthier alternative for sweetening beverages than sugar.

It produces instant energy for physical activities and is an antioxidant. It is an antibiotic and incredibly effective against a cough and cold.

Pair this with an equally impressive array of benefits of CBD and you have got yourself a powerhouse of wellness in one little tube!

4) CBD Chocolate

CBD Chocolate

It is ancient lore that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Marijuana has always been delicious when paired with chocolate in brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

The real reason is due to the cannabinoid activity inhibiting properties of chocolate. The metabolic breakdown is slowed down, causing the effects of the cannabinoid to last longer in your body.

Anandamide found in chocolate is responsible for better mood, improved memory, and lower pain perception. Pairing CBD with chocolate doubles those effects.

To make CBD chocolate at home, you only need two ingredients; Chocolate and CBD infused butter.

Use a quarter cup of butter for every four cups of chocolate, then melt the chocolate in a bowl dipped in simmering water.

Mix in the butter then retrieve the bowl, and pour the mixture onto a chocolate mold then leave it in the fridge until it hardens.

This recipe allows for nuts and fruits if you so wish. Mix in as you pour in the butter or sprinkle on top after pouring into the mold.

5) Sublingual Strips

CBD strips are a product that is designed to dissolve under your tongue, plus it’s extremely discreet and fast acting.

The effects will be experienced within fifteen minutes. For a slower kick and longer lasting effects, you can plaster it against the inside of your cheek or on top of your tongue. Doing so will allow it to seep into your blood stream gradually.

These strips are achieved by a technique called microencapsulation. This involves breaking the CBD into little microcapsules, which are then suspended in liquid. Once the liquid dries, the CBD becomes easily soluble in saliva.

6) CBD Infused Deodorant

CBD infused Deodorant

Sweat is not normally stinky, your smelly sweat is caused by bacteria for the most part. Once the sweat is released, it mixes up with bacteria on your skin to cause a pungent and unappealing smell.

With CBD being an effective antibacterial, it makes sense that a CBD deodorant would come out at some point. It is natural and works to allow healthy and regular sweating without the bad smell.

7) Cannabidiol Shampoo

CBD Shampoo

Your hair requires nutrients to grow healthy and strong, while your scalp requires moisture to stay healthy without any itchiness or dandruff.

CBD shampoo works to seal the end of the strands so that no moisture is lost. CBD will also encourage production and efficient absorption of all the necessary building blocks of naturally strong and healthy hair.

Cannabidiol shampoo enhances your hair’s natural shine whilst inhibiting breakage.

How to Successfully Bring your Product to the CBD Consumer Market

Consider Your Target Demographic

Coming up with you own product is no small fete. However, the struggle comes in when you have sold to all your family and friends.

You need to be able to sell it to the masses, so it’s crucial for you to convince your potential customers that it’s a worthwhile product to spend their hard earned money on.

The first thing you have to realize is that women make a majority of the household decisions. So it’s a viable option to make products that will appeal to them.

Assure them that your product will be good for their family, so your marketing efforts should be directed at the women but that doesn’t mean you should exclude men in all.

Another worthy demographic that is almost guaranteed is the elderly, baby boomers, to be politically correct.

This demographic does not respond to social media advertising efforts. How many times has your grandparents asked for help to share a simple photo or like a post on social media? Exactly!

The best way to reach them is through print ads and brochures. The common thing about these two target markets is their abilities to spread the word.

Once one mum has used your product, she will surely spread the word. The same applies to the baby boomer generation, word of mouth is huge in these two demographics.

In-Depth Knowledge About The Action of CBD

If you are selling these products, it’s extremely important that you are incredibly knowledgeable about CBD and all it can do.

Do not just guess, please for the sake of the industry and your success learn everything there is about cannabidiol and CBD products.

The elderly are especially responsive to someone who knows their staff. There is need for education, deep and well researched knowledge.

Aim to help consumers treat their symptom as opposed to the condition.

Always ask about the most bothersome symptom of their condition and suggest the product that will address that particular symptom most effectively.

Consider User Preferences with a View to The Mode of Consumption

A more pertinent question is to whom will this product appeal? Different cannabis users prefer different cannabis products.

The CBD edibles are especially popular among CBD users, maybe for the multi absorption aspect: sublingual and oral.

The point is, recreational users might prefer edibles to tinctures while medical users will prefer oils and pills.

Think about where your product falls and go from there. Whatever the case, you should aim to provide a trustworthy source of CBD.

Create a product that inspires confidence in the consumers and never compromise in quality!!


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