Why You Need to Start Eating Mangoes with Cannabis

Benefits of Eating Mangoes with Cannabis

To anyone else, mangoes are sweet round (or oblong) fruits. Over time, they have become a favorite ingredient in chutneys and salad recipes.

Most people swear to the capability of mangoes to increase the potency of marijuana. For a long time, this was just hearsay.

Many have actually said that it is as useful as a placebo in the activity of cannabinoids in the body. Science has proved that opinion wrong though. Mangoes boast a very useful terpene called myrcene.

This terpene is responsible for the effect mangoes have on cannabinoid activity.

Terpenes are special secretory cells within the glandular trichomes. They are powerful building blocks contributing significantly to many biological and physiological processes.

A study in 1997 in Switzerland found that myrcene is the most abundant terpene in cannabis. It goes up to 50% of the terpene content in some strains.


Plus, at the end of this post we will give you 5 incredibly tasty recipes that combine the power of mangoes with CBD!

Mangoes Synergistic Relationship with CBD

Myrcene Enhances the Effects of Cannabis

Myrcene through the phytocannabinoid-terpenoid synergy works to enhance the ability of cannabinoids. In this case, we will focus on CBD and its ability to increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier.

This means that more cannabidiol (CBD) is able to be absorbed into your brain and thus increasing the effects of the cannabinoid.

This is especially good news for people with high tolerance. That is, people who require crazy high doses to address their issues.

With the intervention of myrcene, the dosage will come down significantly. The terpene is also able to extend the duration of the effects of CBD in your body.

Myrcene As a Stand Alone Phytoelement

On its own, myrcene has a myriad of benefits. A 2008 study proved that myrcene can contribute to the fight against diabetes by combating the symptoms.

While another study in 2008 by GW Pharmaceuticals saw that myrcene had opioid tendencies. This means that it can be an effective painkiller without the side effects of heartburn and possible addiction.

The terpene has antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties. Some studies have proven that myrcene inhibits cancerous cell growth, while also combatting inflammation.

Mangoes & CBD for Weight Loss

Mangoes are not only beautiful and tasty, they are also great for your weight loss journey. Mangoes are made up on an incredible 82% water. Mangoes also count for 12% of your daily fiber intake.

Upon ingestion, mangoes will induce a sense of satiety and fullness. They have a low glycemic index therefore helping to regulate your blood sugar. This is in addition to their interaction with the cannabinoids.

Plus, cannabidiol (CBD) oil is incredibly effective for weight loss on its own. As it’s functions well in the sense that it induces feelings of satiety and fullness among other weight loss benefits.

Should You Eat The Mango Before Or After CBD?

Eating Mangoes with CBD

Some people choose to ingest the mangoes after consuming CBD, while others choose to do it before.

Before is better in the case of inhalation. 45-90 minutes should be allowed for the mango to be digested before you begin to inhale your dose of CBD.

Using mangoes to experience more potency might warrant a downward adjustment of your overall CBD dosage.

There is no prescribed way to use mangoes and cannabis. You will have to test things out until you find your perfect balance.

The mango also matters, in the sense that the more fragrant it is the riper it is. The riper it is the higher presence of myrcene it has, which is exactly what you want!

It is also perfectly fine to combine mangoes and CBD, and have them in tandem in creative CBD infused recipes.

Raw mangoes are best. It is therefore better to avoid the recipes where the mango will be exposed to heat, as heat reduces the overall myrcene content.

4 Delectable CBD-Mango Infused Recipes

1) Mango Lassi

This is a simple summer drink. It makes use of kefir but that can be substituted for yogurt. The amounts can be adjusted to suit your tastes and preferences.

For example, more mangoes can be used for more flavor.

Get fresh mangoes, kefir or yogurt, one teaspoon of CBD honey and half a cup of ice. Blend everything together and serve.

You can throw in some cinnamon into this or combine the mango with another fruit like strawberry. This is a simple recipe and leaves lots of room for experimentation.

The CBD honey is easy enough to make. Just wrap the CBD rich cannabis or CBD powder with a cheesecloth and tie off with the twine.

Put in a slow cooker and pour the honey on top of it, and let the cooker run on low for up to five hours then turn off.

Let it cool off for 24 hours then store and use as desired.

2) Sandwich

On a lazy day, you may not want to cook a complicated five-course meal. Having interesting sandwich ideas up your sleeves is a sure way to ensure you do not starve because you cannot think of a simple meal.

For this you will need bread (of course), CBD olive oil, peeled avocado, mango slices, chili powder and salt.

These are the standard ingredients for this recipe but you can go a little crazy with some mint or cilantro to garnish or some onion rings. It is a sandwich so really, anything can go on it!

Brush the bread with a generous amount of CBD olive oil. You can buy this or make it at home using 99% CBD isolate, infusing olive oil with CBD is a pretty simple process.

Toast the bread to your preference, after the toast is done top it with some avocado.

At this point, you can choose to leave the avocado as slices or you can mush it. As long as it covers the bread, all is well.

Now Layer with the mango slices. Depending on your preference, be generous or only use enough to cover the bread. Add whatever crazy ingredients you have chosen at this point then sprinkle some salt and chili for taste.

Your mango+avocado+CBD sandwich is ready.

3) Guacamole with a Mango Twist

Raise your hand if you do not like guac. It’s messy and ugly for the most part but it tastes heavenly to say the least!

This will start with the standard guac recipe. Some onions, finely chopped, chili, cilantro, salt, avocado, lime juice, and add your desired dose of CBD, using either a CBD tincture or CBD isolate crystals.

You may also like to add some bits of tomato in there. While others may like to have a bit of capsicum. You can add both of those if you’d like, but just make sure you are also including mango bits.

Throw the onions into a bowl, finely chopped cilantro next and mashed avocado. Mix them up until they are well mixed.

Next, throw in your preferred ingredients then the mangoes and mix everything up well.

Add salt and chili to taste and as much lime juice as you desire. Serve with warm tortilla chips or eat on its own, it will be perfect either way. Good for snacking over a movie on a lazy day.

4) Cocktail

Of course, there is something here for after five. Get some ginger. A fun fact about ginger is that it also has some good terpenes, and it’s virtually a super food.

To have it and mango in this makes this happy hour drink a very responsible pick.

The mango should be as ripe as possible, possibly overripe and it should also be muddled.

Then of course, tequila, lemon juice, and CBD infused syrup. Syrup is basically just sugar water. To create this, you will simply boil a cup of water, CBD isolate crystals and a cup of sugar until the sugar dissolves, then store for uses like this cocktail.

To ensure the heat does not ruin the quality of the CBD, you can add the powder to the syrup at the end.

Put the mango, syrup, and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker and shake until the mango dissolves.

You can leave some chewable bits in there if you like as some people enjoy that. Put in some ice and tequila then shake for 15 seconds then serve.


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