CBD Roadmap: What’s Next for CBD in 2019?

CBD Roadmap: Whats Next for CBD in 2019?

If you’re a CBD enthusiast, 2019 is going to be quite an exciting year for you.  Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD is now perfectly legal across the country. 

This means that the CBD industry is going to expand like never before, making it easier than ever to enjoy access to a huge variety of hemp-infused products.

Financial experts are already predicting some of the CBD trends that will dominate 2019.  Thanks to the compound’s new legal status, it’s expected that CBD will take over the natural health market on a whole new level.

What the 2018 Farm Bill Means for Hemp in 2019

Now that the 2018 Farm Bill has become law, hemp is legal across the United States. Up until now, hemp cultivation was stifled because of strict regulations relating to the purposes for which hemp could be grown and used. Hemp farmers could only cultivate their crops for research purposes, making it difficult for the industry to thrive.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp farmers are free to grow their crops without any restrictions. This also means that hemp is officially declassified as an illicit substance as federal law finally recognizes the major differences between hemp and marijuana, two members of the cannabis family. While marijuana remains illegal on a federal level, hemp is perfectly legal to purchase, sell, consume and possess.

Because of the new legality of hemp cultivation, the industry is expected to grow like never before. While 2018 saw a huge boom in the CBD market, industry experts suspect that sales will increase by approximatley 40% in 2019. Besides making it easier for CBD manufacturers to thrive, the new law encourages a more open-minded attitude about the unique health benefits of CBD.


The law also allows farmers to grow hemp across the country. This means that more farmers will turn their crops into artisanal CBD products for commercial use.

It’s important to keep in mind that in order for CBD to be sold and consumed legally, it must come from the hemp plant. Hemp possesses no more than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive compound that allows marijuana to make a user feel high. 

THC is considered a mind-altering substance. Hemp’s level of THC is too low to make the user feel high. However, occasionally, a farmer will develop hemp crops that have a THC level that’s slightly above 0.3 percent.  

Things That We Expect to See in the CBD Industry in 2019

More Focus on Terpenes and Strains

With hemp cultivation becoming legal across the United States, we’re going to see a wider variety of hemp strains as more and more farmers can cultivate their unique crops. 

We’re already seeing an increased interest in the unique benefits of different hemp strains thanks to new studies showing how the terpenes in cannabis affect the human body.  

Thanks to recent studies that looked into the entourage effect of different combinations of compounds, more and more CBD brands are creating different products that contain unique varieties of terpenes in order to treat a particular issue. 

Now, CBD enthusiasts can explore different strains that are each formulated for unique ailments such as sleep disorders, depression and digestive troubles

We expect more CBD brands to deliver strain-specific hemp products in 2019. Don’t be surprised to see CBD brands use phrases like “terpene-rich” in their product descriptions over the next few months.

CBD Products Alongside Conventional Medicines

With its recent legal status, CBD is expected to be less stigmatized in the medical world. This means that more and more studies will be executed by medical researchers in order to prove the many health benefits of hemp.  As a result, we can expect to see drugstores selling CBD products next to their more conventional medications.

Also, as CBD becomes more accepted among medical professionals, it will likely become common for doctors to prescribe CBD products to their patients in lieu of heavy-duty medications. 

As we’re deep in an opioid crisis, many believe that CBD is a godsend.  Because it’s widely considered safe and non-addictive, CBD’s new legal status could not have come at a more perfect time. It’s capable of relieving severe pain without putting the user at risk of the serious side effects that are associated with opiates.

Wider Distribution for Established CBD Brands

If you’re a hardcore CBD enthusiast who lives in a state in which cannabis is illegal, you might be aware of some excellent hemp brands in states like Colorado and California that make seriously covetable products. Now, due to the 2018 Farm Bill, those brands’ products may be coming to stores near you sooner rather than later.

We won’t be surprised to see wide ranges of CBD products being sold in natural health stores and vape shops around the country. This means that CBD enthusiasts can purchase their products in person rather than having to stock up online.

More CBD-Infused Foods and Beverages

As CBD becomes increasingly popular on a commercial level, we anticipate a lot of CBD-infused food products and beverages. In fact, we won’t be surprised if we see mainstream food and beverage companies creating CBD-infused versions of their most popular products.  

While there were rumors about a popular soft drink brand producing a CBD-infused version of their classic drink, it turned out to be a hoax.  However, we’re now hearing about a variety of startups that are looking to create hemp beverages and snacks that will be sold in food stores around the world.

A More Open-Minded Attitude

Obviously, a more CBD-friendly country will help the industry tremendously. As CBD enjoys its new legal status, we hope that more and more people will discover that this natural compound is highly beneficial. 

There are still many people out there who believe that CBD is an illegal substance that will get a person high. As more and more distributors stock CBD-infused products, we hope that these people open their minds to the magic of hemp.

Pet-Friendly CBD

Another trend that we expect to see reach new heights in 2019 is CBD products for pets. Thanks to a recent study led by Cornell University, we now know that CBD can treat severe pain in dogs with virtually no side effects.  

Many CBD brands are already creating lines of hemp products specifically for pets. Because mammals have endocannabinoid systems just like us, they too can reap the many benefits of CBD. This is great news for those who wish to treat their pets’ ailments in a natural, holistic and relatively risk-free way. 

CBD Products to Try Out in 2019 at Wellicy

Here are out top 3: 

Joybird Wellness Mixed Berries CBD Drink

As we said earlier, terpenes will be all the rage in 2019.  The Joybird Wellness Mixed Berries CBD Drink perfectly demonstrates how different compositions of terpenes have different effects on the mind and body. 

This hemp-infused beverage provides the perfect amount of energy without any of the side effects like the jitters. It’s made with high-quality flavoring ingredients and provides fast results.

CBDfx CBD Pet Hemp Oil Tincture

2019 is going to be all about CBD products for pets. If you want to hop on this trend in order to give your precious furry friend the relief that they deserve, reach for the CBDfx CBD Pet Hemp Oil Tincture. 

This high-quality hemp extract tincture is easy to administer and renowned for its ability to relieve symptoms such as pain, anxiety and depression.  

Wellicy Ocean Breeze CBDA Bath Bomb

Expect CBD to take over the bath and beauty market in 2019.  Products like the Wellicy Ocean Breeze CBDA Bath Bomb allow you to enjoy the many benefits of hemp while you indulge in a hot soak in the tub. This bath bomb provides relief from pain while calming the mind and body.  

Expansion Will Continue into 2019

With hemp now perfectly legal, the CBD industry is going to expand at a rapid pace. Finally, CBD-infused health products will be highly accessible and amazingly diverse.


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