CBD for Your Skin: Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis

Cannabidiol CBD for Skin Health

The skin is your largest body organ. It is the first element by which people judge you. Being so large and so visible also exposes it to a myriad of infections and thus diseases. Your skin can suffer anything from a mild rash to skin cancer. CBD has provided remedy for most skin problems. Below are three of the most common skin problems.


No, it is not a preserve for the adolescent youth. While it is common in teenagers, a significant number of adults also suffer from acne. Acne is divided into three levels.

The first is mild where you will only have some pimples. The second is moderate, when you have inflamed pimples. The third is severe. The effect will be skin deep with nodules and cysts. Your treatment course is determined by your level of affliction.

Acne is a disease that affects your oil glands. The pores on your skin connect to the glands through follicles. These follicles also grow hair. Sometimes, a blockage may occur causing the surface of your skin to swell. The cause of this reaction is most likely to be caused by one of three things.

Too much production of sebum is the first. Sebum is an oily substance produced in your glands. If too much of it is produced, your pores will have a hard time excreting all of it and thus a blockage.

The second is bacteria. There is bacteria on your skin and whether or not it harms the organ is dependent on the strain of said bacteria. The blockages will usually attract the bad kind of bacteria thus worsening your situation. Your acne will at this point grow from mild to moderate or severe.


The third cause is over activity of androgen. This is a hormone that causes enlargement of your sebaceous glands. The result is production of more sebum. Stress is most likely to worsen your acne.

CBD Action for Relief from Acne

In 2010, a Hungarian scientist put CBD to the test. He applied the CBD to acne-affected skin. The findings revealed that CBD indeed offered relief from acne by reducing the amount of oil produced by the skin. The endocannabinoid system is heavily involved in lipid synthesis of the skin. This is the production of the aforementioned sebum.

The CBD went a step further to relieve the inflammation in the follicles. It reduced swelling thus reversing the effect of the problem. This means that once CBD has affected change, your acne will effectively clear. CBD is also an antibacterial and will cleanse your skin of harmful bacteria.


This is more common in babies than adults. Eczema could develop due to genetic factors or a malfunction of your immune system. The environment is also a determinant. This is in respect to weather and pollution. Areas that are too cold or too dry will cause eczema to act up. Some people have a skin defect that allows germs in and moisture out.

Eczema is characterized by red, itchy, inflamed, cracked and/or rough skin. The constant scratching will not only interfere with sleep, it will also make you susceptible to skin infections. Seemingly, mundane factors like cloth fabric and bath products will cause a flare up.

CBD has immunosuppressive properties that relieve the causes and effects of eczema. Whatever inflammation may have been there will also clear. It is believed that mediating disruptions to the ECS will effectively cure eczema.


This is a common skin condition. Some celebrities have struggled with it very publicly. Even the Duchess of Cornwall is on the forefront to find relief for this scourge. The Psoriasis disease speeds up the life cycle of skin cells. The cells live for 3-5 days rather than the regular 30.

There is no cure, therefore, treatment is focused on management of symptoms by stopping cells from growing so quickly. Most forms of psoriasis come in waves. The symptoms are patches of thick red skin with silvery scales. They may be itchy or sore.

This disease increases your risk of psoriatic arthritis. Flare-ups can be brought on by infections, injury, stress, smoking, alcohol use, and vitamin D deficiency. Psoriasis is genetic, although your risk is increased by viral or bacterial infections like HIV, obesity and smoking.  

Manage Your Psoriasis with CBD

The ECS is imperative in controlling cell production and regulating life span of said cells. Therefore, CBD through interaction with your ECS system will reduce birth of cells and premature death.

In 2007, the Journal of Dermatological Science published a paper about the role of cannabinoids in cell death. CBD was found to be effective in inhibiting cell proliferation. With CBD, your skin cells can live out their life span.

CBD Action on Causes and After-Effects of Skin Issues

Stress is a common denominator among your skin problems. It may not cause them but it sure exacerbates them. CBD has come out as an effective tool against stress and other stress causing issues.

Obesity has been noted to appear in the briefs for most skin conditions. An overweight person will be inactive. Inactivity means no sweating. Thus, your pores have to work on their own to excrete dirt and waste from your skin.

CBD works in your body to promote satiety and aid your weight loss process. It also provides well-needed fuel for more physical activity. After exercise, your skin is visibly radiant.

Uniform Skin Tone All The Way

Usually your skin is left discolored and uneven after you have treated the underlying skin condition. Of course, after some time it clears, but there is no harm moving the process along. CBD boasts a range of nutrients and antioxidants that work tirelessly to repair your damaged skin.

This includes evening out the tone and getting rid of residual pimples. Within no time, your skin will be supple, even toned, and smooth. It does all of that while protecting it from bacteria and microbial that are detrimental to skin health.

Keep it Supple

One of the best ways to keep most of your skin issues at bay is to keep it moisturized. It is advisable to apply a moisture locking topical within three minutes of a wash. However, some oils and lotions only go and block up your follicles due to harmful formulations. CBD is natural and will effectively keep skin moisturized even in harsh weather.

CBD Products for Skin Issues

To abate the physical effects, you should use a topical. Your skin does not absorb CBD, only provides localized relief. However, for the autoimmune conditions like psoriasis, a combination is better.

CBD dosage is a matter of personal preference and tolerance. You should be careful about buying CBD products. You must read the packaging and take in the full extent of the information. Using a product that has been inappropriately extracted or combined with other substances could have the contrary effects.

1) CBD Oil

This is the go-to product for most conditions. The oil can be used both as a topical and oral remedy. It can even be mixed with coconut oil for more benefits. If applied on your skin, it will only work to abate your physical symptoms by regulating sebum synthesis.

You should consider using it orally or sublingually. This has the effect of taking care of the endogenous reasons for your break out. Whether it is an immune system malfunction or hormonal change.

2) Tincture

This will be infused into bath oils and water. This way, the benefit is spread throughout your body. Since most of the skin conditions do not choose one specific area.

They may show up in one area then shift to another the next day. By infusing your bath water with CBD, you are assured that the whole expanse of your skin is covered in protective CBD.

This will also serve as a relaxant since CBD is useful in muscle relaxation. Two birds-one stone kind of situation.

3) Topical

Pure Spectrum Relaxing CBD SalveThere are dedicated CBD topical ranging from salves to balms to lotions. These are applied on your affected area to ease inflammation and possible pain. They also go deeper into your sebaceous gland where it takes care of things. You should ensure not to use a CBD topical that has other ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction.

4) CapsulesCBDFx CBD Capsules

These come in specific dosages and are best when you are dealing with an autoimmune skin condition. You must consult your dermatologist before using these just in case there are other medications in play.

Chase Skin Wellness

Your skin is an important part of you. It has nothing to do with vanity. Having faulty skin can bring on all forms of emotional issues like low self-esteem and depression. CBD has already proved potent for other medical situations. So far, users who have applied CBD for skin issues have only reported good things. Some noticed positive changes within a week.

For incurable diseases like psoriasis, which can be triggered by the smallest nudge, CBD is an effective and natural way to manage symptoms and keep your skin cell-producing agents calm. CBD works from the inside out and vice versa as required by each skin condition.


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