How CBD Helps to Improve Your Focus and Concentration

CBD Helps Improve Focus and Concentration

It is possible to have trouble focusing or concentrating on one thing without necessarily suffering from ADD/ADHD.

Refusal of your mind to zero in on an intended element can be brought on by a myriad of other factors. To worsen things, your brain almost always refuses to focus when there is an urgent need to.

Inability to focus causes stress. Stress worsens your focus deficit, and the cycle continues viciously.

This is meant for people who have big tests coming up or a project report that is due in a few hours. Both are dire situations. Both situations requiring that one lock out all distractions.

Just to highlight, keep your phone on silent during the activity and ensure you are well fed.

Get a comfortable place to sit with ample lighting and fresh air. Sit upright, do not slump. This prevents proper blood flow.


Ensure to keep everything you might need close, within arm’s reach, so you do not have to constantly get up. For the college students, who live in dorms, lock the damn door. Soft music is fine turned on low volume.

Those are just a few tips to help you improve your focus and concentration. But today I am going to talk about how you can also use CBD to help improve your focus and concentration, in addition to the previous tips.

Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency

This is a situation in which your body runs low on naturally manufactured cannabinoids. To remedy this situation is easy enough.

Administering phytocannabinoids would go a long way in ensuring an appropriate cannabinoid level is achieved.

According to a physician who was spearheading CBD research in this respect, CBD slows down the speed of neurotransmitters. This action leaves room for your brain to focus and concentrate.

Consider this scenario. You are on the freeway on a dull rainy day. There are many cars. You do not know what degree of road rage is pent up in any of your fellow drivers.

You have to watch out for other cars. You have to concentrate on keeping in your lane. You have to keep an eye on the speedometer so that you do not go below or above the set speed.

You also have to keep a level head so that sudden veering by some other motorist does not knock you off the road.

In addition to all these, you have to ensure your visibility is never compromised. Now imagine the same road with no other cars on a bright summer day. You will need to consider significantly fewer factors to be safe on that road.

In either of these situations, CBD could be incredibly useful!

Possible Avenues for Better Focus with CBD

Regulation of Energy and Mood

Help Regulate Your Mood and Energy Levels with CBD

CBD ensures an increase in energy by affecting individual body cells. It also affects your metabolism which has a significant role in keeping energy appropriately leveled.

A research study published in the Journal of CNS and Neurological Disorders presented the conclusion that the anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties of CBD provided serenity.

This is the optimum state at which focus and concentration are highest.

The same study mentioned the activity in the dopamine receptors. It is highly suspected that focus deficits are caused by low dopamine which regulates cognitive functions.

On the other end of the spectrum, extreme levels of dopamine will also effectively impair focus and memory. Most pharmacotherapies in this respect do not know to keep the levels friendly.

CBD on the other hand strives for homeostasis. The cannabinoid will therefore maintain dopamine levels at appropriate concentrations at all times. Not too high and not too low.

Another view to the same is serotonin action. Serotonin helps you stay refreshed and well rested.

There are two possible scenarios here: the first being low serotonin activity and the other being low serotonin levels.

The symptoms of either of these will be disturbed sleep and fatigue despite adequate rest. CBD activates the 5-HT1A for regulation of serotonin levels and activity.

Sleep and Stress

Combat Sleep Depravation with CBD

Sleep is important to your physiological well-being. If you deprive your body of sleep you will become grouchy (to say the least).

Sleep deprivation lowers cognitive function significantly. This is mostly due to the fact that your brain heals and refreshes itself during sleep.

Also, cortisol levels increase during periods of sleep deprivation. The unfortunate result is that you become slower in terms of response and cognition.

You will also take a little longer to process and understand things in a sleep deprived state.

Studies have shown that CBD is effective in positively shaking things up as pertaining to the sleep-wake cycle. By increasing the REM state, more restorative sleep is achieved therefore effectively providing a refreshed brain by morning.

Cortisol is the element that becomes most potent when you are stressed. CBD works to decrease static while you are trying to focus by affecting the limbic and paralimbic areas as required.

This is in addition to other efforts to decrease the stress like inducing anti-anxiety properties.

CBD Infused Foods to Improve Your Focus

CBD is perfectly fine on its own, but CBD infused foods like the ones below are extremely tasty and incredibly effective!

The idea is to increase potency by playing to the strengths of each tool. In the process, you enjoy something delicious and novel.


CBD Infused Berry Smoothie

Blueberries are a powerhouse of antioxidants with a cocktail of them. The have been found to maintain focus and concentration for up to 5 hours through stimulation of blood flow.

Thus, a continuous supply of fresh oxygen for your brain to feed off of.

A simple Blueberry CBD smoothie would do the trick. Sip slowly in the course of work or school and maintain a continuous supply therefore stretching the five hours.

Blend together blueberries, yogurt, milk, nutmeg and CBD powder/oil then serve. You can play around with the recipe by adding some spinach or some honey to sweeten.

Green Tea

CBD Infused Green Tea to Improve Focus and Concentration

Green tea is an excellent choice. It is much more preferable to coffee which can wake you up, but might cause some severe crashing.

This choice is apt for two reasons. The first is caffeine. Caffeine is known to boost focus very effectively. The second is an element called L-theanine which helps regulate the release of the caffeine into your blood.

This is as opposed to letting it all flood out at once which would cause the contrary effect.

Green tea would effect serenity and so would CBD. Together they would be absolutely dynamite. Infuse a bit (or a lot) of CBD into your cup of green tea by oil or tincture and enjoy.

Avocado Infused with CBD

CBD Infused Avocado Toast for Improved Focus and Concentration

Avocado is an excellent food with all its good fats. To begin with, it has a lot of fiber so you do not have to interrupt the work flow for a snack.

Second, it is incredibly useful in increasing blood flow. Increase in blood flow fires up brain cells. How about a CBD avocado sandwich?

All you need is a mashed and salted avocado, toasted bread and some CBD oil.

Once you mash up the avocado, drop a dose of CBD oil into the mixture. You could also add some black pepper to the mashed avocado for some additional flavor!

Spread it on the toasted bread of your choice.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, you can add shredded red peppers or some tomatoes onto this.

You could also add some focus foods like steamed spinach and salmon if you’re really serious about increasing your focus and concentration.

Bon Appetit!

Want more CBD infused recipes? Check out these mouth watering recipes!

CBD Water

Staying hydrated is essential to many bodily functions. Water supplies your brain with electrical energy for maximum function.

You are able to think faster, focus more, and develop sharper more creative ideas.

CBD water has instant bioavailability thanks to the nanotechnology used to develop it. Unlike the above mentioned CBD infused foods which have to be consumed about one hour prior to commencing the activity, the water can be sipped throughout to provide a constant supply of cannabidiol.

CBD Rich Cannabis Strains to Puff Away The Distractions

Sour Diesel is a sativa strain very popular in the ADD/ADHD circles. It acts on the frontal lobe to help renew interest in dull activities and tasks.

Blueberry Headband is another potent strain that supercharges the cerebral field to jumpstart creativity and motivation to concentrate. The parentage of this strain consists of two powerful parties. The effects are intense but run at a manageable degree.

In some cases, the desired effect requires a softer touch. Cognitive clarity can be achieved with Harle-Tsu which is high in CBD. It effects clear headedness, focus, energy and calm. This strain can be used interchangeably with Canna-Tsu.

Harlequin could also be used in its place.

Knowledge of strains is not just about the need to smoke. The strains can also be used from home-made products.

To decide on the right strain, you have to determine the root cause of your focus deficit. The problem being addressed and personal preference play the biggest roles in choosing an appropriate strain.

Final Thoughts

I hope that after reading this you understand that you do not have to suffer with poor focus and concentration, CBD is an effective avenue for treatment to help you get back on improve your focus!

In addition to the CBD infused foods and CBD rich cannabis strains mentioned above, you can also opt for high quality pre-made CBD products. Companies like sell CBD edibles, tinctures, topicals, dabs, and many more products from proven and high quality manufacturers.

This is often the most frequently chose route for users, especially if you are new to the CBD world!


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