Can Fibromyalgia Be Effectively Managed with CBD?

Treating Fibromyalgia with CBD

About 4% of the world population suffers a condition that is, for the most part, misunderstood. No one really knows for sure exactly what causes fibromyalgia. There is only a potential list of causes.

Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by musculoskeletal pain. A human has 18 possible tender points, these are areas on the body that hurt when pressure is exerted.

Out of these, a fibromyalgia patient will have 11 or more painful points, and the condition is thought to amplify painful sensations.

Neurotransmitters are responsible for carrying pain signals, and a patient will have faulty neurotransmitters. You will experience hypersensitivity to things that would not normally be painful due to repeated nerve stimulation.

At times, you will have memory of pain and will overreact to a pain signal. In some cases, medication is not enough and you need to have a mixed course of treatment.

Causes of Fibromyalgia Related Pain

Causes of Fibromyalgia Related Pain


Research has shown that the cause of this condition could be one or a combination of the following.

The first cause is genetics. Studies have shown that it may not be passed down from parents to children but relatives can share fibromyalgia genes.

Some infections can also cause the development of fibromyalgia, viruses like influenza cause long term damage to the immune system. The residual viral bits can attach themselves to certain cells that interact with the neurotransmitters. Thus, the pain response even in the absence of pain stimulus.

It is possible for emotional or physical trauma to trigger the condition or uncover underlying symptoms. This can prevail in the presence of another chronic pain condition like osteoarthritis.

Traditional Fibromyalgia Management

Standard Methods of Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia will cause other inconveniences like lack of sleep and stress. There will be an adverse effect on social life and at times, your career.

You are advised to eat well, exercise and reduce the stress in your life to keep this condition under control. There are some meds that a doctor can prescribe to keep the pain manageable. There is also use of alternative solutions like mind/body therapy.

The presence of this condition can easily remain unknown for a long time, as it’s possible to misunderstand the symptoms.

To think that it is ‘all in the head’, it’s imperative that you understand that this is a defect of the central nervous system.

Fibromyalgia is not a tendon or muscle problem, there is no simple blood test to determine whether you have Fibromyalgia.

All doctors have to go by is the symptoms, and The American College of Rheumatology has given guidelines for diagnosis.

It has to be determined that the symptoms are not as a result of a rheumatic disease, mental problem or neurological situation. Treatment for this condition is focused on pain management as it has no cure.

Side-Effects of Fibromyalgia Medications

Side-Effects of Fibromyalgia Medications

The drugs approved for management of pain often bring a new set of problems. Issues like dizziness and fatigue are only the tip of the iceberg.

You may also suffer worsened dry mouth, which is a big problem because it will cause development of cavities.

It is also possible to develop an unhealthy dependence on the drugs. Often after taking these drugs, you may be a little too loopy to work.

The whole point of seeking help with fibromyalgia pain is so that you can carry on with life, to work and play as usual.

These side effects make that very hard. A study by the National Pain Foundation showed that medical marijuana is more potent against fibromyalgia pain than FDA approved drugs.

This was a sentiment shared by more than 60% of the subjects. Another study showed that after use of CBD one can experience an improvement in pain within two hours depending on their method of consumption.

One ‘Fibro’ patient reported using CBD every 6-8 hours and experiencing relief in his lower extremities within 2 hours.

CBD Provides Full Dimensional Relief

Benefits of CBD for Fibromyalgia

CBD does not cause any of the side effects from the approved drugs, and it’s excellent in managing the other symptoms of fibromyalgia aside from pain.

CBD is a great combatant of stress. It also works well to keep depression and mood swings at bay by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors which trigger happy hormones.

Use of CBD has been known to aid better sleep. Stiff muscles are a common symptom, a symptom that is a hindrance to your overall mobility.

In most cases, it will be worse in the morning when you need the energy to start your day. CBD will help relax the muscles and get you moving with ease. Not only is CBD safe and inexpensive, it is also incredibly effective!

Research Studies on The Benefits of CBD for Fibromyalgia 

CBD Research Studies on the Benefits for Treating Fibromyalgia

In 2009, it was found that CBD is instrumental in relief from neuropathic pain. This is a type of pain caused by damage to a part of the sensory nervous system that is responsible for conscious perception of stimuli. It is associated with pain from non-painful sensations.

Another study proved relief from inflammation and neuropathic pain caused by nerve injury upon intervention of CBD therapy.

In 2011, a questionnaire was passed around among fibromyalgia patients. Upon conclusion, CBD users reported a significant reduction in stiffness and pain. They also reported better more restful sleep and overall feeling of wellness.

One doctor hypothesized a clinical endocannabinoid deficiency as being the cause of fibromyalgia among other conditions.

Several conditions whose symptom of extreme pain mirrored that of Fibromyalgia were caused by clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CED). The same could be true for this condition.

Since then, other notable parties in the field of rheumatology have echoed these sentiments. However, studies are yet to prove the same beyond doubt. If indeed that is true, CBD would be the best bet against Fibromyalgia. This would only go further to affirm its efficacy against the condition.

The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a paper that analyzed 18 studies into the potency of CBD against Fibromyalgia symptoms. 15 of those studies were in affirmation.


The dosage of CBD can be tricky as at times you might have to adjust to a level that works best for you.

It is paramount that you exercise caution when using CBD especially if it is being used in tandem with other drugs, so you should consult with your doctor before taking the step to use cannabidiol.

Most Effective CBD Products to Treat Fibromyalgia Symptoms

CBD Patches

Mary's Nutritionals Elite CBD Patch

This is transdermal delivery of CBD. Meaning that you apply a CBD infused patch to your skin and the cannabidiol is absorbed into your skin then blood circulation system then finally the central nervous system.

CBD patches are one of the newer products to the market, in fact, they are barely two years old.

Despite this fact, great reviews have been reported, and it offers a controlled release of highly concentrated CBD into your system.

There are two types of this patch. One that is only CBD and another that combines both CBD and THC. One must not be alarmed by the combined one as CBD is just as effective when used with the other cannabinoid, which will produce what’s known as the “entourage effect”.

CBD Infused Topicals

CBD topicals are also applied transdermally. This group of products includes salves, lotions and other products that are applied directly on your skin.

This mode of delivery performs a localized relief directly on the painful area. Salves are the most popular in this category.

You can scoop up a little bit and rub it on a painful spot. Within minutes the soothing balm will cause an improvement on the pain, but the effects however, will not last for too long so you will need to apply frequently.


Wellicy CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

CBD oil is a very versatile product, as it can be used in many different ways. It can be used topically, orally, sublingually, you can use it to make your own CBD edibles and so on. This is usually highly concentrated and the mode in which it is delivered determines bioavailability (the amount absorbed into your system).

The sublingual delivery with a tincture is often the most popular, due to it’s simplicity and effectiveness. Simply place a drop or two under your tongue, let it sit for say, 90 seconds then swallow whatever is left.

There are capillaries under the tongue, known as the sublingual glands, that allow for quick absorption into your bloodstream. The effects are quick and will last at least 3 hours or longer, once you notice the effects wearing off simply drop some more oil into your mouth and you’re good to go!

Cannabidiol Edibles

Snacks! CBD edibles are food items infused or cooked with CBD oil or whatever other form of extract. The effects take a long time because the product has to go through the digestive tract.

However, the effects will last a little longer than other methods of consumption, it has been reported to be at least 6 hours.

Future of CBD Fibromyalgia Management

In early 2017, a company announced the commencement of phase 1 clinical trial of a fibromyalgia and back pain dedicated pill. The pill is a marijuana based therapy.

This pill is meant to solve problems like delayed onset and inconsistent duration of effect. In August of the same year, the company announced favorable results. It is hoped that the collaboration of that company with another pharmaceutical will finally bring that pill to the market.

Life Jacket for 4% of the World

CBD is not an FDA approved therapy, and for this reason, most people have to self-medicate on this. This also means that it is not covered by insurance providers.

This represents a problem for fibromyalgia patients whose only solace comes from CBD. More research is called for to cement the standing of this magical plant in the therapy and relief of many medical conditions. CBD could go a long way in improving the quality of life of Fibromyalgia patients.

Final Thoughts

Whether you or a loved one are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you should at the minium look into treating fibromyalgia with the incredible and well-known benefits of CBD to see if it’s a viable treatment solution.

Have you already begun treating your fibromyalgia related symptoms with cannabidiol? Let us know in the comments section below which types of CBD products you used and the results you experienced to show others the true power of CBD!


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