CBD Consumption Methods: This Is How to Absorb It the Best

How to Consume CBD Oil

Unlike other natural herbs and plants, Cannabidiol (CBD) cannot just be ingested straight from the soil. It has to be broken down into a way that can be absorbed by your body.

The bioavailability varies from method to method. Bioavailability is the amount of CBD that ends up in your blood stream after biological processes. You should choose the method that best serves your needs.

For example if you have skin problems, the topical way is best. If you have sleeping problems it is best to ingest. If it is anxiety then you will need something that kicks in fast.

Today we are going to walk through all of the ways to consume CBD as well as help you find out which method is best for you!


Under this method, the CBD passes through your digestive system and is metabolized by your liver. CBD when ingested tends to lose some bioavailability but not too much that it is rendered useless. It is advisable to ingest a CBD product on an empty stomach as it will then work best without interruption.

The first avenue for ingestion is gastrointestinal. This constitutes food and pills. The effects take a little longer to reflect.


This is owed to the fact that the product will go through the digestive process. The effects also last for a lot longer like 8 hours.

There is the oral avenue. These products are absorbed by your oral mucosa. It includes tinctures, lollipops and candies. The effects reflect quickly but also wear off just as fast.

There is a third grouping called hybrid. This is a mixture of the others. Products that are both absorbed by your mouth and also passed down through your digestive process.

For example a cup of CBD infused hot cocoa or berry smoothie. As you are drinking it, some will be absorbed through the thin skin in your mouth. The rest will be swallowed and digested like any other regular ingestible.


Imagine a right angled path. One person takes the length and width to arrive at a destination. Another person takes the hypotenuse to go to the same destination.

Of course the one who took the hypotenuse will arrive first. This is the same idea that applies to sublingual method of CBD consumption.

Instead of having the CBD product pass through your digestive system to get to your blood stream, you can just drip it into one of the many capillaries and blood vessels under your tongue. It will arrive much faster.

This method can be utilized using oil, tincture or even a pill. However, with the pill, you should consider breaking up the pill into two or four because by sublingual method, potency is not lost.

The pill, if dropped in full, will deliver almost twice or thrice the kick it is supposed to. It has been found that this method provides up to 10% bioavailability.

You must ensure that the CBD is CO2 extracted. Put the product under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds. The longer you hold the product under there the more benefit you will reap.

If possible try and find a nano liposomal delivery product. This product will have been broken down into nano particles.  Bioavailability is increased by a very wide margin.

CBD Topicals

This is any product that is applied on your skin. The CBD is absorbed through your skin and affects the cells. It never gets into your blood stream.

Your skin has a plethora of endocannabinoid receptors. Through these you are able to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

It has been difficult setting scientific proof that indeed transdermal application of CBD can be effective for anything therefore studies are scanty. A study on arthritic rat models proved the hypothesis after it was found that the rodents suffered less arthritic pain.

The products range from salves, creams to bath salts. These give localised relief as opposed to wide spread effects.

In addition to joint and muscle pain, new entrants in the market are products to curb menstrual pain. Users have reported experiencing relief and even better sleep during their time of the month.

Topical products are usually combined with other natural elements like lavender whose benefits go far beyond smelling good and making skin glow. The effects will be felt within one hour if correct dosage of appropriate concentration is taken.

You do not have to go for the expensive CBD topicals in the market. You might as well make your own at home whether it is a lip balm or body cream. It is doable with a a simple recipe sourced from the Internet.

Vaping Cannabidiol

Some people like to hit the blunt the old fashion way. However, with the myriad of problems that come with smoking it is quickly becoming more of suicide than mindless pass time.

The blunt will produce fumes that will go on to irritate your airways. Vaping on the other hand will produce smooth and palatable vapor.

With this mode of consumption, the CBD is not going through biological processes. Your lungs have a high permeability.

They are also large absorptive surfaces not to mention excellent gateway to your circulatory system. Inhalation therefore offers a very high bioavailability of 31%.

Very good way to manage annoying pain. The effects of this method are the most short lived at only two hours.

The vape pen allows you to get short quick puffs. This means that instead of sitting at your desk wallowing in tedium you could go to the bathroom, get a hit and jump start the system.

You can accurately measure the doses so that administration is consistent. Vaping is very convenient. The pen is small, almost the size of an actual writing pen.

It can therefore be slipped into a small pocket, so you don’t have to worry about it peeling out or combusting since it comes with a safety mechanism. It is also very discrete. No smoke or ash is produced.

There were studies a few years ago that brought up the idea of bronchodilators for COPD patients. Imagine the benefits during exacerbations. This is an excellent idea especially for the critically ill COPD patients.


These can either be administered through your rectum or vagina. The venous system around your rectum is very absorbent. Only one of the veins leads to your liver.

This means that the CBD will only partially engage the first pass metabolic effect. Rectal means is a good option when every other method is not applied able. It will be quick and bioavailability will be at a good level too.

The vaginal route is mostly used for reproductive issues. Ladies who suffer menstrual pain or irregular periods will testify to the effectiveness of having CBD delivered right to the problem. It relieves pelvic pain quickly and effectively.

Effectiveness Over Preference

The method used must be chosen carefully. It will deter the uptake, spread and excretion. Therefore choosing one method haphazardly is only risking failure.

You should seriously consider their expectations out of the CBD. The comfort and preference of the user will also come into play. However, this should not be considered over effectiveness.

For example if you are vomiting, you cannot ingest or inhale. It will have to go in through your back door which might be painful and surely embarrassing. Those reservations should be put down until you are well enough to care about comfort.


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